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Integrative Massage Systems Individualizes Each Session, Embracing Clients' Journey

Located in Wellesley, MA, Integrative Massage Systems is a healing center that offers tailored services to match the needs of anyone that comes in. Alek Goland is a Licensed Massage Therapist at Integrative Massage Systems who believes that today's world embraces massage as more than just a method of relaxation that feels good.

"Perception of massage therapy changed drastically in the last three decades," Goland said. "Going for a massage is no longer a luxury. In our touch-deprived world, massage therapy has become widely accepted along with many benefits it brings."

Goland lists some of the benefits of massage as a reduction of inflammation, stress, improving circulation, and offering relief from depression, migraines and joint pain. The many techniques of massage therapy, according to Goland, include a shift in perception of touch, body work and other modalities.

"Today a 'feel-good state' is only a small part of [the] benefits regular massage therapy sessions offer," Goland said. "As [an] alternative to chemicals and surgeries of Western medicine, people started to rediscover modalities and techniques known for centuries and abandoned in name of progress and science in a past century."

Goland does insist, however, that massage therapy is a unique form of relief. For each person, the needs vary, as do the benefits that people see after each session. It plays a different role in each person's life.

Alek Goland

"Whether one looks for a place to find peace for mind and body, or complement every day [routines], massage therapy can take one on a journey with many paths along the way," Goland said. "My mission is to take you there."

After growing up in Moscow, Russia, Goland has been studying massage therapy since the late 1980s, and trained in both Russia and the United States. Goland has family that works in medicine and massage therapy and believes it's in his blood.

"I want clients to feel safe in my office," Goland said. "Each session tailored for one's specific needs and goals, I created [an] atmosphere of calm and peace and dedicate my time to clear and honest talk with clients. Sometimes simple talk can turn the person to a healer for her or himself, discovering common sense and balance in every way possible."

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