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Affordable Energy Efficient Plumbing and Heating Services: An Interview with Flaherty Plumbing

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Paul Flaherty Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc. is a full service plumbing and heating company providing service and repair as well as installations and remodels, to residential and commercial customers. We have been serving customers throughout the Boston Metro West area for over thirty-five years, providing a level of excellence and quality not found in your average plumbing and heating company. We have dedicated office staff, service and installation departments, and phone calls are answered live during business hours.

How did you get into this line of work?

Plumbing has been my chosen profession from the beginning. I enjoy setting the bar and Paul Flaherty Plumbing & Heating Co., Inc. has been a leader in the plumbing and heating industry in the Boston Metro West area for many years. We have been an Angie's List Super Service Award recipient for six years in a row. We will continue to exemplify, promote and expand quality and service to the communities and customers we serve.

You seem to offer an enormous amount of services; would you pick any specific ones out as your specialties?

We are the water treatment experts! We install water filtration systems and are expert plumbers for all types of service and repair including water heater replacement, boiler repair and installing/repairing backflow prevention devices. Our greatest specialty is the high level of expertise and quality our customers receive when we perform their work!

It says that you offer green plumbing. Can you describe a little bit more about what this service entails?

We offer energy efficient plumbing and heating equipment for homes and businesses. In New England, with its older homes and systems, upgrading happens every time a homeowner decides to replace their old equipment. We offer our customers options for replacement that include high efficiency equipment and provide information and rebate forms to maximize on any energy rebates available for newly installed equipment.

What are some of the most innovative products you offer?

We have recently expanded our line of products to offer the new Eternal Hybrid Gas Water Heater and the GE GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater.

Can these products really help you save on heating costs?

Both of these products come with documentation substantiating significant energy, and there for cost, savings. We research each product and then train our technicians on all new equipment we offer. One of the benefits of using an established company such as ours for installation and replacement work is that we review and recommend equipment and fixtures based on our extensive knowledge and experience within the industry.

You also install water filtration systems, isn't that unusual for a plumbing company?

Plumbing is all about water. When your equipment breaks down, it is due to your water quality. For a plumber to fix your equipment and not ask about your water is only doing half the job. Our job is to fix your whole problem, and that includes your water quality. Our Pro Series water filtration systems are manufactured by Aquion Industries- a leader in water treatment equipment around the world for over 60 years. As expert plumbers, we are here to take care of all your home and business water systems. We keep a complete history of your work. We offer regular maintenance on all equipment we install. We will be there to take care of your system when you need us.

In your opinion, how often should a homeowner receive the heat loss calculation service?

Just like your water bill, your heating bill will tell you when your system may need attention. Even better than waiting for a problem that runs up your bill is getting an annual cleaning and check of your heating system. We offer annual preventive maintenance agreements for home and commercial heating systems. Preventive maintenance has significantly reduced emergency repair costs and the inconvenience of having a heating system down during a cold snap for our customers. It can also alert them to the need for a system replacement before it is an issue, giving home and business owners time to plan for a replacement system.

What are some key qualities a homeowner should look for in a qualified plumbing and heating company?

Longevity, licensure, insurance, reputation and references. Good old fashioned customer referrals are still immensely valuable in making decisions. When you speak to someone or look online for references you want to know: Was the company easy to work with? Were they responsive, did they communicate well? Was the work performed in a timely manner and within budget? Were the work and the goods provided of high quality? Were the technicians clean and courteous? Was the billing clear and accurate? Is follow-up work done courteously, well and promptly?

What should new homeowners be thinking about (related to plumbing and heating) once they settle into their new home?

They should consider the age of their piping and equipment. Just like a car, it does not last forever. Maintenance and upgrades will keep things going smoothly in your home. We provide free estimates for those upgrades and remodels you may be planning, as well as emergency service for those unexpected problems.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Give us a call: 508-653-1775, or email us at Visit our website at for more information or to request service through our website. And like us on Facebook for fun facts and to see our work!

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