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Quality Unsurpassed Every Single Time: An Interview with Green Grass Lawn Care

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Green Grass Lawn Care is a turf fertility and outdoor pest control service. We offer custom crafted lawn care programs that will address the specific needs of the clients landscape. Our turf fertility program uses custom blended fertilizers and control products to feed the lawn and control nuisance pests such as crabgrass, grubs, chinch bugs, and weeds. Our outdoor pest control services,, control annoying and dangerous insects like ticks and mosquitos. Can you imagine enjoying your yard without mosquitos constantly biting you? We can!

What is your position at Green Grass Lawn Care?

I am the President and owner of Sweetser Farms Inc which does business as Green Grass Lawn Care, Sweetser Farms Pest Services, and we are part of I received a Bachelors in Plant Science from the University of New Hampshire in 1989 and have owned Green Grass since 1991.

What would you say are some of your key strategies for providing quality service to your customers?

Quality service begins with listening to the client. Determining their goals for their landscape and properly addressing those goals. My education allows me to understand and address turf and pest problems. Customer complaints are not acceptable to me. When we show up at a property we not only perform the prescribed service but also inspect other areas that may not be part that service. We may see a tree or shrub infestation while treating the lawn or several times I have found ant problems while ringing the doorbell. Constant vigilance and an open eye are key to providing quality service.

How important is fertilizer and weed control for a healthy looking lawn?

If I didn't eat or shave, I would look pretty ragged after a few weeks. Likewise, your lawn needs to be fed regularly and have the weeds controlled or it would look bad as well. The two largest areas of concern with a client's lawn are color and weed saturation. Almost all fertilizers, even organics, only last about 6-8 weeks. Our programs are scheduled according to the release period of the fertilizer which is also dependant on the weather. Weeds are controlled both pre and post emergently. Additionally on each visit to the lawn we inspect for weeds and address accordingly.

How effective is your tick and mosquito spraying?

I will relate a story from this spring. I was in line at a coffee shop and was bear hugged by woman claiming she loved me. I said "excuse me?" as I did not recognize her immediately. "You have allowed me to enjoy the yard of my home for the first time in 20 years!" she exclaimed. She lives in a heavily wooded area which was inundated with mosquitos. After 3 weeks on my program the mosquito population had decreased to the point where she and her husband could sit in the yard by the fireplace. Our programs reduce tick and mosquito populations to an acceptable level. We're not going to kill every one, but we can make it so you can enjoy your landscape without being constantly harassed by these dangerous insects.

Please describe the three beliefs that are important to your company's success.

I put my beliefs right on my website. Quality, Reputation and Passion. Do high quality work . Use the highest quality materials available, no skimping on product or performance. On our website,, some of the pictures are from my own yard. I have a passion for grass. Yes that's me standing on my personal golf green. I care as much about my clients lawns as I do about my own lawn. I love green grass.

What do you think that a well-landscaped lawn says about the homeowners?

It says " I care about me, my loved ones, my neighbors, and my neighborhood!" How many times do you drive through a neighborhood and see a lawn and say "Ugg, I would hate to live next to them." Caring for your lawns and gardens provides not only the homeowner a sense of peace but also your neighbors.

How do your services differ from other lawn maintenance companies in the area?

The suburban client has been inundated with mass marketing from large national companies promising great things but not delivering on those promises. In the highly competitive world of lawn care too many companies will sell the program for a low price and then try to figure out how to make money at that price. That will lead to skimping on product and rushing through the job. We don't do that. We use the proper amount of materials to give a high quality lawn and charge accordingly. Green Grass is a family owned company which lives and works in the very neighborhoods that we service. Our reputation rides on every property we care for.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

The best way would be to go to the website . Potential clients can see what we do and the passion we have for our work. There is a link for a free estimate and we would be happy to come out and show you what we are capable of. If you would like to call I can be reached at 1-800-322-1951.

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