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Beautiful Patios At an Affordable Price: An Interview with Harris & Company Landscape, Design, and Construction

By Kristen Bosse

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

We are a full service landscape design/build/maintenance company. We started in 1997 as "Josh's Landscaping" when I was just 13. After graduating college in 2004 with a degree in landscape design from UMass Amherst, I started up my company full time as "harris and company Landscaping" Our goal is to give customers the finest and most original landscapes to enhance the beauty of their properties.

What is your position at Harris & Company?

Owner, supervisor, and lead estimator.

You seem to offer many different services to your customers. Would you pick any specific ones out as your specialties?

I would say our specialties are creating beautiful patios where families can get together and enjoy each others company by a fire, or grill. We create sitting walls, plantings, and intimate lighting that gently accent the architecture of the plants and hardscapes we create.

What are some of the benefits that come along with new landscape construction for your home?

Many customers are finding that after installing a patio of lets say 15grand or more, they refinance their home and find that the 15k they spent on their new landscape is actually worth much more, and adds to the value of their home. The more value in your home, the easier it is to refinance.

What should homeowners be looking for in a good landscaping company?

Homeowners should look into insurance, and references. Strangely enough, only a small handful of folks have asked for references, and even fewer have asked for proof of insurance!

What sets your business apart from other comparable companies? Do you believe you do anything better/different?

Education in the field is so important. There are tons of guys out there who may think they know what they are doing, but having that education background in my field sets me apart from others, and helps me land more jobs because the customer knows that I know what im talking about. I enjoy explaining why we do the job the way we do, and why those plants are spaced so far apart (because plants grow, and we like to plan 10years ahead so those same plants grow together in harmony, instead of choking eachother out). I like to walk the property when the customer comes home from work and show them what we did, and if they have any questions, comments, or additions to the project. We are huge into communication and urge folks to call or email us right away with concerns or questions they might have.

In your opinion, how much can a newly landscaped exterior increase the value of a home?

I've heard my own home appraiser tell me the value of my landscape is about 10% of my homes appraised price. I don't have an extraordinary landscape-just a simple yard with nicely manicured lawn and planting, with a stately walkway and formal entryway to my home. Ive done work for realtors in my area such as a new lawn, or new foundation planting. When a family arrives at a home for sale and sees a clean, easy to maintain property that's just one less thing they need to worry about if/when they move in to that new home. I try to sway people away from spending TONS of money on a landscape project that doesn't fit the neighborhood. You want to invest in your landscape. This means that one day, you will sell your home, and the money you spent on the exterior should be paid back two times over when that time comes.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Because im rarely in the office, I suggest folks email me, or fill out the estimate request form on my website. I get back to people within a couple days of any message.

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