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Increasing Your Curb Appeal in Just a Few Days: Featuring KellyBuilt Co.

By Kristen Bosse

Please give us some background on your company and services you offer.

Twenty years ago, I was fortunate enough to have been exposed to a craftsman who would slow things down a bit, enough to appreciate what you are doing and do it right.

Over the past fifteen years. I have honed the values I have learned and evolved into an unlimited imagination with professional quality. Kellybuilt Co. can build homes, add in any way to your existing home, lay out proper trim work, exterior and interior designs with a personal feel every step of the way.

How can your porticos and enclosed entryways service help me increase my curb appeal?

Portico's and enclosed entry ways can really add a whole new look to the front of a house that just doesn't have that " Hey look at that nice house" appeal. Not only do they totally change the appearance of the front of your house, but many people really like to be out of the weather, take off shoes or hang up coat, before formally entering into their living area's.

How can your decks and pergolas service help me increase my curb appeal?

A properly built and trimmed deck is like adding more living space to the outside. Pergola's will not only give you that " Wow look at that nice house", but they are very functional way to break up the sun. A pergola can be built over a deck or free standing. Pergola's weather classic and you can add greenery to them.

How can your cedar siding with custom inlaid shingles help me increase my curb appeal?

Cedar siding is a much more classic and up-scale look for a house. Everyone loves to take a drive along the ocean and admire the beautiful homes. Show me one that has vinyl siding. Cedar siding will also allow you to apply any design that you can think of to inlay into the layout of the shingles. To use an inlay design or figure as" curb appeal", I would suggest thinking of something universal. For example if you live near the water, a native fish or nautical piece would be fitting. If you love your house and want to live there forever, you could be more personal and your imagination will go to work.

What is the benefit of installing an aluminum railing over wood?

Aluminum railings with stainless steel cables can be used for the outside or inside and for any application. More people are leaning to composite materials for ease of specific tedious maintenance. If a client wanted the traditional balustrades, Kellybuilt uses the composite railing system with hidden attaching hardware. It's all about clean lines and look. When aluminum railings are used inside they are bright and have a great contemporary look. When they are used for the outside, they are maintenance-free and your view corridors are not as obscured.

Why are In-Home Theater Systems a good investment?

In home theaters are a great investment on any scale as long as you have the proper area for one. A finished basement is a great place to have a theater or a room with higher ceilings. Home theaters are set up personally the way the client would like sound, comfort of seating, and personal privacy. Experience the privacy of hosting a movie party or your own private screenings.

What are the major differences between concrete countertops and granite? Why do you prefer concrete?

Concrete vs. granite. I have seen granite go from being exclusive to becoming pretty common with limited options. Many people would like a different look and feel for their finishes. With concrete you have a choice of multiple colors and any shape with the design you want. Concrete has a real organic look that seems to be appealing to many people today. Concrete tops are just as strong as granite with a 6000 psi rating. There are specific people who are looking for a real artisan made piece that will patina organically over time.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

Kellybuilt Co. is located on the South Shore of Massachusetts and would be more than willing to take on any creative project that you would like to do.

If you would like to contact Kellybuilt about subjects or projects, you can e-mail or personally call me, Brian Kelly:
E mail:
Phone: 781 789 4145

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