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Inviting New Roommates

Roommates can be your best friends or your worst enemies. Sometimes they can be both at once or span the gamut or the range of your affections. Regardless of what they do, or how you feel about them, its important to do your best to get along with them when possible.

The best relationships; with love interests, friends are anyone else; begin with strong starts. Welcoming someone into your home is an awkward process for all involved and using a couple of basic pointers and strategies can make the process easier and give the relationship a strong start which should mitigate potential problems further along, and even net you a new friend!

I Wanna Get to Know Ya

The easiest way to show someone that they're important is to listen to them. Asking questions and genuinely waiting for answers, and not just for your turn to talk, can make a huge difference. Listening actively and in an interested manner can do a variety of positive things for your relationship. It can make you seem like a rockstar friend/person, can make the roommate feel valued and welcomed, it can break the ice more quickly and easily (most people have NO trouble talking your ear off about themselves,) and it can give you some insight into with whom you're living and foreshadow possible future positives or negatives. So listen up!

Boundaries and Such

I've definitely said this before but it bears repeating: set boundaries early; enforce them clearly, directly and politely; do not feel bad, or apologize for doing so. Talking to your roommate about boundaries not only allows you to set yours, it gives them a chance to set theirs. This mutual boundary setting can help you avoid untold amounts of hassle and can actually promote honesty and comfort in your relationship early on. It also helps a lot with the type of people who tend to be more meek or even passive because it puts them in a position where they may feel more comfortable being up front about their feelings. Try it!

Remember that these are just some tips for inviting in a new roommate. Keep in mind that each person is different and that you'll have to adapt these ideas, both to fit your style and theirs. Best of luck!

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