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Joining the CrossFit Trend in Winchester: Featuring Mountain Strength CrossFit

By Kristen Bosse

At first glance, those participating in CrossFit classes might look like they are training for the military. Men and women alike let out agonizing screams as they pull ropes attached to enormously heavy weights and lift long, hurling dumbbells. You look around to see beet red faces and looks of exhaustion. Believe it or not, these determined folks are just like you and me, with the simple goal of getting into shape!

The great thing about this workout is that people of all sizes and athletic abilities can participate. In fact, the whole philosophy behind CrossFit is that it addresses the fact that the fitness needs of an "Average Joe" are identical to those of a top athlete. The only thing that changes is the intensity and the volume. Each person should leave the workout feeling crushed and exacerbated.

"Mountain Strength" of Winchester is one of the best places to do this in the Greater Boston area. They are known for creating dynamic, coach-driven workouts that will challenge you mentally and physically. Located just a bit off the beaten path, this facility offers a variety of classes from CrossFit Prep, traditional CrossFit, Private Training, and even a 6-week high-intensity program called Spartan Group X! One of Mountain Strength's trainers Kaitlynn Pelio explained further why their training is different from other CrossFit classes.

"Mountain Strength sets itself apart because of our coaching. Our members' health and safety are our number one priority, and our highly knowledgeable coaches take the time to ensure our members understand the proper techniques and movement patterns prior to progressing to more difficult exercises."

Why has CrossFit become so popular in recent years? Because it is fun, of course! Based on its definition, CrossFit can literally be anything that incorporates three elements: functional movement, high intensity, and constant variety. Therefore, it can be as simple as hauling rocks, shoveling dirt, lifting tires, or whatever you like. The benefit of attending a class instead of attempting on your own, however, is that you get support and encouragement from the community and your instructor. You will be pushed to keep going when you feel like you're at your limit. This alone guarantees that you will get a great workout and more importantly, get results.

After asking a few people around the office if they had tried this strenuous, yet effective way of working out, there was one answer that was quite common: "I've always been too afraid to try it." Many individuals make the mistake of assuming that CrossFit can only be performed by those that are already physically fit. WRONG! D'Entremont states "Don't be intimidated! As a beginner, you may not be familiar with the movements or techniques, but by putting in the time and effort to learn, you will progress. All movements and workouts are scalable; meaning the Coach will be able to offer modifications to make movements easier if you have an injury or other limitations." Kaitlynn also makes sure that her class members are tracking their progress. This is important to see how hard you can push yourself, and how far you've progressed!

At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that working out doesn't always have to be as monotonous as running on a treadmill for an hour. You can actually enjoy yourself by creating your own functional, high intensity routine. If you are having trouble coming up with some techniques, join a group training session like those at Mountain Strength CrossFit. Everyday is a new workout with a new set of exercises, and a new adventure!

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