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Kung Fu Tea Sets the Standards For Imitators with Their Truly Authentic (and Delicious) Bubble Tea

Kung Fu Tea is a Cambridge, MA tea store known for their bubble tea with "unrivaled quality, utmost attention to details and unquestionable authenticity." Bubble tea is a type of drink with a surprising twist -- you also eat it.

The liquid tea is sweetened and with balls made of tapioca sitting at the bottom. Kung Fu Tea specializes in bubble tea, offering a wide variety of flavors for their guests. District Manager Keisuke Takemae says the business is inspire by kung fu teachings in their daily operations.

"Kung Fu, in its purest essence, is the desire for self improvement, to expand one's capability beyond limits previously thought possible," Takemae says. "Here at Kung Fu Tea, we share that same desire. We hold the firm belief that it is our mission to continually improve and expand upon our already stellar brand. With over a decade of experience, we are the unchallenged expert in the bubble tea business."

At Kung Fu Tea, there's a long list of specialty teas customers can order. There are traditional flavors like black tea, green tea and matcha tea. There are also flavors that are more unique to Kung Fu Tea like signature white gourd tea, white gourd green tea, honey tea, milk tea, milk green tea, red date tea, pomelo tea and jelly milk tea. Any drink can have bubbles, herbal jelly, nata jelly, red beans or mung beans added for an additional $0.50.

"While Kung Fu Tea has a surprisingly large collection of menu times and add-on options, we strongly recommend all first-time customers to kick-off their Kung Fu Tea journey with the classic Kung Fu Bubble Milk Tea," Takemae says. "In a Kung Fu Bubble Milk Tea, iced or hot, medium or large, we blend freshly brewed high-end earl grey black tea and lactose-free milk into a perfect proportion. Into an already fine-tuned Kung Fu Milk Tea, [we add] honey-flavored bubbles."

Takemae says every day, the kitchen staff is constantly making bubbles. Each batch takes two hours to prepare and only stays fresh for three hours. Because Kung Fu Tea is dedicated to high quality ingredients and freshness in their drinks, they toss any bubbles that are no longer fresh and fail to meet their standards.

Aside from bubble tea, Kung Fu Tea sells different types of coffee beverages, Ovaltine, slush drinks, milks and fruity teas. Any patron can customize their beverage with 70% less sugar, 50% less sugar, 30% less sugar, no sugar, or any amount of ice.

Cambridge isn't the only Kung Fu Tea location. There are locations in 19 states across the country and there are Kung Fu Teas in additional cities are in the works.

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