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Landscaping Tips for your Home

By Ben Levy

The most important landscaping anyone with a yard can do is to keep your grass healthy. Having dead or browning grass detracts from your home and creates a lifeless aura around your property. In some climates the rain is often enough to keep your grass healthy, however in droughts or dry climates, it is necessary to set up a sprinkler occasionally.

Just as the grass cannot be dead, it should also be cut on a regular basis. Long grass, even if it is healthy, shows that you do not care enough about your property to maintain it. Trimmed grass is very inviting to neighbors to come and say hello, and allows you to play, lounge, or picnic in your yard.

Planting flowers, either in the ground or in pots, creates a more homey environment. Not only are they nice to look at, but they also smell nice and give you a reason to be outdoors. Taking care of plants can be a great way of getting rid of stress, bonding with others or getting some alone time.

Having trees and shrubs in your yard can be a nice source of shade and adds variety to the ground level grass and flowers. Trees draw peoples eyes up, away from the ground. This allows people to notice parts of your home that they may otherwise have overlooked, like the angle of the roof or the second floor windows. Shrubs can be used in the opposite way. If there are aspects of your home that you do not want other people noticing, it is relatively easy to place a bush in front of it (as long as it is on the ground floor).

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