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Let The Stress Melt Away With Stacy Every LMT

The modern world creates a busy, stressful life for most, but escaping from the hustle and bustle of our highly-connected lives can be difficult. Despite hectic schedules, it is important to take time out for ourselves and focus on our own bodies and health.

Massage is a great method to get back to the basics. Stresses from our everyday lives tend to cumulate, building up inside of the body creating a range of issues, from chronic pain to anxiety and even depression. Regular massage can actually reduce and even eliminate stress and actually makes the body healthier. For those in the Westfield, Massachusetts area, Stacy Every LMT is offering a range of services to help eliminate stress through massage.

"People often think of massage as a luxury, but for me it is medicine with only positive side effects," Stacy Every, LMT, said. "Many times, people go to the doctor with back pain or other types of pain and end up taking medications, but if they received massage they could actually get at the heart of why the pain is there and potentially eliminate it completely."

Every revels in being able to bring pain and stress relief to her clients, but even more so, she enjoys educating clients on the benefits of the process. She aims to help clients be happier and pain-free through the use of self-care, too.

General massage on its own is a great tool, but Every finds that there are additives which create an even more effective session. Hot stone massages, for example, add to the benefits of the original massage.

"Massage relaxes muscles, eases tension, and calms the nervous system, and hot stone serves to deepen that experience even further," Every said. "The hot stones have a sedative effect, leaving you feeling relaxed and well."

According to Every, hot stones are a great addition to areas that are chronic. This includes old injuries, areas of repetitive stress, and places the body holds tension. By utilizing hot stones, Every is able to release the most stubborn areas, increasing mobility and reducing pain.

Other forms of massage which Every specializes in include oncology massage, stress of life, repetitive stress injury massages, energy work, and pregnancy massage.

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