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Lighting Your Living Room Up Right!

Living rooms can serve a variety of functions in your home. If your family is enthusiastic about spending time in the home with each other, a living room can serve as a gathering place for you and the kids; the focal point of your quality time. Apartment dwellers can use a living room as part of their social lives; with and without roommates; allowing them to entertain guests and have parties, even while on a limited budget. Due to the primacy of social interaction (it is called a "living" room after all), it's important that the room look its best. One easy way to enhance the presentation of a living room is by improving the lighting in it. There a couple of different levels on which you can improve the lighting in your living room; high, medium, and low.

Keep in mind that most of the ideas written here are dependent on your living room's dimensions, your budget, your artistic inclinations, and the current lighting set up that you're working with. All of the aforementioned criteria will come into play but the ideas here should be general enough that you can apply them to a variety of setups.

High Level

High level lighting is literally high level. The light sources embedded in a ceiling or closer to it, are considered high level. One idea for giving your living room an interesting and slightly dramatic feel is to use a LED strip for continuous lighting. The effect can be a sort of glow that can really set the room off.

Medium Level

Medium level lighting refers to light sources embedded in wall sconces, lower hanging chandeliers and the like. Adding color coordinated or otherwise interesting materials to your medium level light sources can really add to the feel of the room. For example stained glass wall sconces will completely change the feel of your living room. Mix, match and, experiment with medium level lighting options to make your living room stand out and remember that, in most cases, less really is more.

Low Level

Low level lighting is made up of floor lamps and other, frequently task based, light sources. At the low level lighting is all about location. Shifting your lamps can really highlight some of the more attractive features of your living room. Have a particularly nice nonfunctional fireplace? Use a lamp to show it off. Really dig the vintage furniture you picked up from that yard sale? Light it up! Just remember to balance the high and medium level lighting you're using with your floor lamps, etc. so that you don't end up with awkward dark spaces or extremely bright areas. Experiment and have some fun with it!

Keep in mind that these are just some ideas about how to light your living room. Try these tips and mix and match to best represent the living room in your home or apartment. Good luck and have fun!

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