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Maintaining a Large Amount of Land

By Ben Levy

Tending to a large area of land can be challenging and rewarding. The benefits of owning a large lot of land are found in your ability to do what you wish and to have enough space to do so. However, it is very challenging to maintain a large amount of land.

It is important to know what animals insects and pests are common in your area in order to know what to look for while tending to a large lot as well as knowing what precautions need to be taken around the home to ward off unwanted pests. Keeping the grass cut to a reasonable (1-2 feet for not commonly tread areas and the standard two to three inches for common areas) is important as this is a means of keeping unwanted and potentially poisonous snakes and insects away from where people are most likely to be.

Installing and maintaining a fence around a large acreage of land is important as it is a means of making it clear when your property begins. Another good idea along the lines of installing and maintaining a fence is putting up signs at various places around your property's edge making it clear that it is private property and that trespassing will not be tolerated.

Money can be made depending on the acreage one owns. Potential small profit from hay bails can be made if one owns the proper equipment however most land owners hire an outside contractor to cut and bail their lots. If one owns a lot of land in an area where hunting is desirable it is not uncommon to offer hunters use of the land for a price.

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