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Masacote Entertainment Melds Cultures Around The World And Spreads Healing Joy

By Paul Rowe

Masacote Entertainment empowers people through a splendid merging of cultures that speaks to all walks of life. Through the integration of music in their teaching methods, Masacote instructors help people connect to the feeling of the music first. Only through feeling the energy of music can students develop a strong understanding of dance.

Dance is deeply connected to life. Movement, intensity, and feeling come together through dance and speak to the human soul regardless of upbringing or cultural background. That's the beauty of dance: it speaks to us, inspires us, and encourages us to become intimate with one another.

Afro-Latin dance, in particular, is an energetic genre of dance celebrated by people all over the world. The enthralling, colorful history of the Afro-Latin style is as intriguing as the sounds the genre produces.

"There is so much rich and beautiful history behind the various types of Afro-Latin Dance," co-founder Ana Masacote said. "From Salsa to Afro Cuban dance to Bachata, the rich ethnic backdrop is what has shaped the dances over time. The dances are a conglomerate of cultures all rolled into one."

There is a universal language underlying the rhythms and cadences of Afro-Latin music that speaks to the souls of all people. From African origins to European influences, there are unmistakable nuances behind the many steps that are reminiscent of other dance traditions.

"You can find a little of yourself in Afro-Latin dance, no matter where you come from," Masacote said. "It is this merging of cultures that speaks to people from all walks of life. The dances have an underlying structure, but you're allowed lots of freedom to experiment and find your unique voice through them."

Music and dance are deeply rooted in the lives of human beings all over the world. We connect through dance, no matter where we live or what we believe in. This connective energy resonates at Masacote Entertainment.

"By tapping into artistic expression, we can better understand ourselves and each other," Masacote said. "That connection is what unites cross-cultural communities worldwide, without anyone ever having to say one word. This energy is what motivates us at Masacote to keep sharing our passion with others every day."

Just as dance has always been a part of human life, Masacote has been inspired by dance throughout the course of her own life. Through dance, she found a voice she didn't know she has suppressed. Thankfully, Masacote discovered her voice. Today, she inspires people of all backgrounds to find their own voices, helping them gain confidence and self-esteem.

"These are just a couple of the many benefits of Afro-Latin dance," Masacote said. "I'm so thankful to be able to share this joy with others."

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