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Green Auto Services in Somerville

Cars are most people's primary means of conveyance. Whether driving a family van, a well maintained Porsche, a refurbished Mitsubishi, or just taking an Uber to work, people use cars. Cars, like anything else that we really need, have a bad tendency of spontaneously deciding to stop working just when they are at their most important to us. Finding a place to get your ride fixed up can be difficult: repair shops are notoriously expensive and self-serving. Mike's Automotive Services in Somerville, Massachusetts demonstrates the difference between the way they do things and the competition!

Mike Pedersen, the owner of Mike's Automotive Services, founded his business in 1980 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Mike's business moved from Cambridge to Somerville relatively early and really made a name for itself through relentless commitment to customers and maintaining the highest standards. Mike's Auto features an AAA Approved Repair Facility which is exceptionally rare; AAA only approves 5% of repair shops. Many auto shops only insure their work for months at a time, and frequently limit the range on their insured repairs but Mike's Auto is different, they offer a two year 24,000 Mile warranty with nationwide protection for one year. Mike's Auto has also won an Angie's List award, a rare honor, and "that's something that (Mike) takes pride in because Angie's list, that's a tough award to get."

Full service auto repair shops provide every repair and maintenance service that a car owner, renter or borrower could need and Mike's Auto is a well-known full service location. Mike's offers same day service for many of common repairs and maintenance requests, in part due to its status as a full service location for customers with car concerns.

Mike's Auto has a wide range of products and services but one of Mike's Auto's biggest and most well regarded is called the green oil change. The green oil change uses branded, rerefined motor oil, called Ecopower, that works no matter what kind of car a customer has. The green oil change is based on the fact that the oil that comes out of your car during an oil change isn't necessarily bad, it's just dirty, and rerefining the oil cleans that oil, making it usable again. The "green" part comes from the fact that it takes 85% less energy to rerefine oil than the refine it as crude (the normal process) which means that rerefining is comparable, environmentally, to taking 200,000 cars of the road. The green oil change is also good for the country and the economy, reducing dependency on foreign oil sources and Mike's Auto is in the first in Somerville to offer this service. Affordability is a significant benefit of the green oil change "we're trying to create an affordable, sustainable option because a lot of sustainable options aren't," says Mike.

Mike's Automotive Services is eco-friendly, efficient, and the smart choice for those in need of auto repair and/or maintenance. If you're in the Somerville area and your ride needs some loving be sure to check out Mike's Automotive Services, it will be worth it!

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