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Modular Housing-Is It A Good Choice For You?

By Tabitha Jean Naylor

Most people don't think about buying a modular home, in fact, many home buyers have never even heard of them or don't understand exactly what they are. If you are looking to buy a home or you are thinking of building a home you should evaluate all of your options. A modular home can be a great choice for many.

The first thing to understand about modular homes is that they are not the same as mobile homes. A mobile home is completely constructed in a factory and brought to the home site fully completed. Once at the site the home is anchored into the ground and all of the systems like electric, water and sewer are connected up. Modular homes are also built off site but they are built in sections and the house is not completed in a factory. The sections of the modular home are delivered by truck to the location where the house will be constructed. A crane is used to set each section in place. Then, he sections are all attached to each other. Theses homes require additional finish work once the sections are attached but it is an easy way to build a custom home-especially in areas where the climate is not conducive to building the entire house on site. Another benefit is that this type of home construction is much faster than conventional construction.

Modular homes generally cost a little less or about the same as a home constructed completely on site because modular home builders have set ways of constructing the houses and that saves a little labor time. They use the same materials as a site built home. It is important to choose the right builder. Modular homes can have the same quality issues as any other site built home so engaging the services of an experienced modular builder is important. Research several modular builders and make sure to check references and examples of their work.

Insurance costs are the same as insuring any other site built home but it is always a good policy to check with your insurance agent to make sure there are no additional requirements so there are no surprises.

Modular homes come in a variety of styles and floor plans. Each home is unique in some way but because the builder has a set number of ways to configure the house, costs and timeframes are generally less than with site built homes.

Modular homes offer a good alternative to buying a pre-owned home or building on site. They are especially good for areas where the building season is short due to an inhospitable climate.

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