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Moving Day Tips: An Interview with Adam Benezra of Benezra Boxes & Packing Supplies

By Adam Benezra

Please describe a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Benezra Boxes was founded in 1998 to serve primarily Eastern Massachusetts (although we've gone all over by request for loyal customers!). We deliver used and new moving boxes and supplies, as well as pack homes. We offer free "Estimate & Delivery" services where we come by, take a look at someone's home, and help them figure out exactly what they need to pack their home; then we deliver then and there! Primarily, we have a wonderful reputation for packing up full homes completely so when a moving company comes people are totally ready to move. We specialize with packing fine fragiles. We also help get rid of donations, offer help picking your moving company, offer crating services for fine artwork, and can even help load PODS on site or bring packed boxes elsewhere. Lastly, we offer unpacking services and can get those boxes and paper reused or recycled after your move.

When should I start packing for my move? Do I need to have everything packed before the movers show up?

The earlier you can start packing the better! I'd say for a full house, you'd want to start donating stuff you don't want and throwing out all the garbage in the mix. You'll save a ton of money on your move if you do! Plus, the sooner you start the sooner your anxiety will start to dissipate. Benezra Boxes can usually pack a full house in just one or two days as long as there's no organizing involved. We also do a lot of what we call "Panic Packs!". Essentially, these are really partial packing services- usually kitchens, dining rooms, and pictures, that go unpacked until people just panic and call us to finish up for them. Fine by us! You can actually hear the panic in their voices when someone calls us last minute and says, "I'm moving in a week! Can you help us finish packing now?!"

Is there anything I should make sure is set up in my new home before I make the move?

You DEFINITELY want to be 100% done packing when the movers arrive. They need to just see closed and properly labeled boxes, furniture, and "chowdah" (what moving companies around Boston call larger, top-load items that can't fit in boxes). If you're moving locally, movers charge by the hour, including travel time yard to yard, so you really want to be ready to keep your costs down. Plus, movers charge by the hour for their truck as well so the bill adds up quickly if you're not ready for them. If moving out of state, everything must be fully packed! Better to have the moving company, or Benezra Boxes for your packing, come BEFORE or AFTER rush hour so you don't have to pay for extra travel time and the guys don't have to sit in the traffic. We all have to pay the guys for their time.

How do I make sure there is a parking space available for the truck at my old and new home?

If you live in the city and need curbside parking for the moving trucks, odds are you'll have to get parking permits. You can either pay your moving company to get them or just go get them yourself from the Parking Clerk. You usually have to post them 24hrs in advance. An average straight truck for a local move is between 24 and 32 feet long so you want to make sure you clear two spaces at least in the city and move your cars before the movers arrive if you're in the suburbs. Anything that slows up your moving crew will cost you money!

On this subject; you love your kids and your pets. Who doesn't?! But get them out of the way on moving day! This is for their safety and also will speed up the move considerably. A baby sitter will save you a fortune off your moving bill. And you don't want a mover or furniture landing on your kids or pets! Plus, the movers won't get aggravated dodging your kids and pets while they're carrying heavy items.

Should I provide helpers for the movers?

When you hire a professional moving company you do not need to provide helpers. Often, "helpers" end up costing you more money and time because they don't know what they're doing and the crew has to slow down on their account. Plus, they can cause damage to your home, your items, to other people and themselves. It is just not worth it. Best thing to do is let the movers do their job, offer them plenty of coffee and water/Gatorade and tip them if they do a good job! Movers have one of the toughest jobs out there. Trust me, it's a painful job! The better you treat your mover, the harder they'll work for you. Plus, it's just a nice thing to do!

What are some other things I can do to make sure my move runs as smoothly as possible?

Keep in mind, when there's insurance claims in moving, it's usually due to breakage to furniture, scratches on walls and floors, or property damage made by the truck. As long as you use common sense in packing your boxes, things don't tend to spontaneously combust. Some moving companies will use scare tactics involving carrier packed liability to have you use their packing services but the truth is, the boxes just get picked up and put down a couple times. Very low impact! After speaking with a lawyer years ago, if a mover drops a box you'll see the damage to the box?a crushed corner for example?and that's negligence. Plus, as a former mover and business owner, this industry is based on word of mouth. So, most smart moving companies will take responsibility for their actions. When Benezra Boxes packs you, it shouldn't even be a worry. We "bomb-proof" your fragiles and label the boxes exactly how the movers want them, so they don't have to stop and ask you where they're going in your new home. This saves time, and time is money! Plus, it's frustrating having a box go to the wrong place. We have wonderful working relationships with many good moving companies around Boston so we tend to work well together. Keep in mind, Benezra Boxes specializes in packing- and we have gotten really good at it. Very efficient and very safe!

As for packing, Benezra Boxes has never had to pay an insurance claim since 1998, and is insured up to $2,000,000 for on-site services. Our reputation for packing fine fragiles, along with everything else in a home, is excellent. We also pride ourselves on being good humored, hard working, reliable, trustworthy, and giving you the best service possible at affordable rates. Our box prices are usually less expensive than the moving companies and we can deliver usually within 24 hrs to your door! You get a lot more than just boxes with Benezra Boxes. Just ask someone who's used us or check out our reviews on YELP or Angie's List over the years. Many of our customers actually end up end up having a good time versus freaking out! I'm lucky to say that many even become friends, which is nice.

Moving is stressful!!! Let Benezra Boxes take that stress away for you.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

You can find all of our contact info on our website here!

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