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Music and Sports: Brookline Youth Activities for Everyone Featuring Maestro Musicians Academy and Brookline Youth Lacrosse

By Kristen Bosse

In this day and age, children and teens alike perhaps spend most of their days either glued to the TV screen, computer screen, or the screen on their smart phone. While folks in older generations will look back and remember playing outside with their friends, kids nowadays will look back and remember playing video games on the couch all day. This is why organizations that continue to promote alternative activities for the Youth of America are vital to the survival of what it truly means to be a kid. Not only this, but these organizations have the ability to empower the children involved and teach them something they can use for the rest of their lives. Research has shown that the empowerment of young people will lead to inspiration, motivation and confidence to be creative, to develop, and to learn. Here are two examples of organizations doing just that.

Maestro Musicians

Maestro Musicians, LLC, founded by Daniel Broniatowski, is a full-service Boston classical music agency. Their musicians are among the best in Boston. Located conveniently in Brookline's Coolidge Corner, they are united by the belief that music is the most effective form of non-verbal communication and that classical music has the power to both spiritually enhance and change your life. Their expert faculty offers piano, violin, voice, viola, cello, and flute instruction. The musical potential of each student is brought out by their highly trained and experienced teachers.

Maestro Musicians treats their students and their parents as part of one large family. They make it a priority to find the perfect music teacher for you or your child. Unlike local music schools, the academy offers an initial complimentary unique teacher-student pairing consultation. "We believe that the relationship between teacher, student, and parent constitutes the most important aspect of music-making and musical instruction", says Founder Broniatowski. Rather than simply conducting hour long music lessons, the staff at their music academy believes in instilling a way of life through music. In this way, the students learn the importance of practicing their craft on their own and developing a genuine respect for classical music.

Interestingly enough, Daniel Broniatowski founded the academy to share his love of classical music, but also to teach children invaluable lessons that will undoubtedly help them in the future.
"What I believe makes me unique is my unwavering conviction that music lessons have the ability to transcend the instrument and inspire all areas of life. With the right teacher as a role model, every student can find that crucial equilibrium between inspiration and discipline, which is necessary to accomplish anything worthwhile in life. The best teachers empower individuals through a careful balancing act of praise and patient firmness. It is this "I can" attitude that creates the character traits necessary for success in any subject."

Brookline Youth Lacrosse

The main goal of the Brookline Youth Lacrosse program is to promote the sport of lacrosse and provide a fun, positive, and enriching experience for youth and parents of Brookline. There are no standings kept, no league championship or playoffs. They play all players as equally as possible with the goal of teaching the sport and providing a fun experience for all involved. The program prides itself in providing an outlet for kids that has not been swept up in the pressure filled, win-at-all-cost mania that is too present in today's youth sports.

For almost fifteen years now, this program has been introducing the sport of lacrosse to kids in the town of Brookline. Their glowing reputation (and retention rate) is due in large part to their focus on the simple art of FUN for all participants regardless of ability or experience. Dara Kelly, Co-Director of the program, elaborated on the importance of good old, plain fun for kids in today's society during an exclusive interview.
"Today, living in our fast paced world, always striving to reach the next level, we sometimes forget about fun. As coaches, we have the responsibility to make sure that our kids not only learn the ins and outs of a sport, but have fun as well. Sports are not simply about winning, and being the best. True athletes are those who excel not only on the field, but off the field as well. Sportsmanship, leadership, confidence, kindness, loyalty, and discipline are what differentiate the kids who will not only succeed in sports, but in life as well."

All of the coaches in the Brookline Youth Lacrosse program teach them not only the skills necessary to win, how to work well with others, how to have confidence in their abilities, how to respect everyone involved, and most importantly, to respect themselves and their bodies. In their opinion, teaching life skills is just as important as teaching the game. "We strive to be the best, but sometimes, being the best isn't the most important priority", says Dara. "Learning from mistakes, accepting a loss, and working to encourage a teammate are just as important. Winning is a great thing. But it's not the only thing. Life throws us all sorts of curve balls. If you know how to play the game, and work well with others, you'll win every time."

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