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Newton Restaurants Committed to Quality Food, Part 1: Featuring 51 Lincoln

By Kristen Bosse

Jeffrey P. Fournier, Chef and Owner at 51 Lincoln, was introduced to a non-traditional culinary environment from a very young age. He discovered his love for food while cooking alongside his grandmother, who gladly taught him how to cook traditional French-Armenian dishes. Next thing you know, Fournier was traveling to various parts of the country, evolving his talent as a Chef and honing his own particular skills. In late 2006 when an opportunity presented itself for a new space where he could create his own menu, Fournier could not resist. As such, 51 Lincoln was born. Yue Huang, Marketing Manager over at the restaurant, shared with us their philosophy of quality food at a fair price.

51 Lincoln

High End Taste Without The High Price Tag

51 Lincoln is best described as a modern, yet warm dining room and bar that serves swanky cocktails and inventive dishes. Simply said, the use of fresh ingredients is without a doubt the foundation of their cooking structure. Most are sourced locally from farmers markets and private lenders. In the summer, various produce and herbs are grown on their rooftop garden. If that is not enough, Chef Fournier prides himself on cooking everything homemade, from pastas, to breads, ice cream, and more. He is skilled in the art of creating innovative, delicious dishes that start from the use of simple ingredients. Dishes such as their grilled watermelon steak, or famous rigatoni Bolognese are perfect examples. Huang elaborates on how both dishes are prepared.

"The watermelon is braised in butter & cream sherry for three hours and then seared at a high temperature with a dusting of fennel and coriander. During the long cooking process, the texture of the watermelon transforms and the final product takes on both the flavor and appearance of a piece of steak. It's a neighborhood favorite and a must-try for anyone who comes to 51 for the first time. "

"Rich, meaty, comforting is what you want in a good Bolognese sauce and 51's version embodies all the characteristics of an authentic & hearty Bolognese. In fact, many guests who are self-proclaimed "epicure of Bolognese" have declared 51's Rigatoni Bolognese a personal favorite. And right now, it's really the best weather for it."

The Customer Comes First

51 Lincoln is a neighborhood restaurant, so they always make sure they are giving their customers the type of experience they seek. The layout of the restaurant itself is split into two areas: the main dining room and the bar. This gives the customer a choice to either enjoy a five-course dinner and a bottle of wine for a family dinner, or kick back for a quick bite and some beers after work with some friends. Either way, customers truly enjoy the atmosphere and welcoming vibes that the restaurant brings. While both sections of the restaurants are pretty equally popular, Huang says there are some parts of the year when the bar gets pretty packed- "On Tuesdays all year around, we do offer dollar oysters at the bar, which certainly attracts a big bar crowd."

Diners that enjoy variety would also be happy to know that Chef Fournier tends to change the menu quite often, featuring ingredients that are "in season". While favorites like the grilled watermelon steak and Caesar salad stay on the menu as staples, the rest of the menu is switched up every few days. This way, there is always something new to try even if you visit a few times a week. For this kind of service, you'd expect high prices, right? WRONG!
"Sourcing high quality ingredients does not equal to being pricey", Huang claims. "One of the reasons that 51 Lincoln has been successful in this neighborhood is our ability to find a balance between offering both quality and value to our guests."

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