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No Pots and Pans Tells Customers to Forget Meal Prep, Order In!

Sometimes, you just don't want to cook. Sometimes you do, but you don't want to clean up. Sometimes you have to settle for microwave chicken nuggets and EasyMac because you've got a house full of kids, a full time job, and a mountain of laundry that makes Everest look like an easy climb.

So what's a parent to do? Well, if you're Andy Horvitz, you launch No Pots and Pans- a full service meal delivery business.

"With two young children and both my wife and I working, getting a decent dinner on the table was a daily challenge," explains Horvitz. "Most takeout options are grossly unhealthy and most prepared meals options aren't very good. People are busy, want to eat better, and are cooking less, so I decided to combine my professional experience in business with a personal passion for cooking to launch No Pots & Pans."

Horvitz knew he would face concerns with a meal delivery business. The concept is fairly new, however, the industry does have quite a few competitors currently. Some of which, do not have the greatest of reputations. "I see healthy skepticism around meal delivery businesses," he details. "Among those shipping meals, I've heard time and again that the quality is poor.

This is of no surprise as the meals may be a few days old by the time they arrive." For those on the local level, he sees another problem. "On the local level, there are a number of businesses operating out of residential kitchens, both independently and as marketplace participants, all in flagrant violation of health department requirements."

However, he sees a way around this issue. "We've chosen a different path," he states. "We operate out of a licensed commercial kitchen and are licensed as a restaurant. We deliver locally so that most of our customers receive their meals within 2-24 hours of our cooking and packing them. Freshness matters, as does operating above board."

All ingredients are fresh and prepared onsite. The packaging is compostable, putting No Pots and Pans into the sustainable business category- just another perk of doing business with them.

Currently, No Pots and Pans is exceeding expectations, with constant full sell-outs of each meal plan. "Customers that have tried our service love it," he exclaims. "Nearly all customers reorder, and more than a third of those who try our service become regulars, ordering nearly every week." At the moment, Horvitz says they are focused on the Boston and west area, but are planning to expand to include the north and south of Boston in the next few months. "In parallel, we're building toward on demand delivery."

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