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One2One Bodyscapes: Custom Workouts to Keep You Coming Back

We all know that working out is beneficial. It controls weight, improves your health, boosts energy and supports adequate sleeping habits. Bottom line, it's good for you. But sometimes, working out can become stale and repetitive. When the process becomes more work than fun, it can lead to avoidance- and eventually, you may stop going entirely. Brent Pendleton and his staff at One2One Bodyscapes are looking to change that.

"We do not do cookie cutter workouts," says Pendleton. At One2One, highly specialized trainers work alongside clients to ensure that their desired results are met, custom-tailoring each workout to that client. One2One trainers are extreme motivators, making sure that you don't lose steam over the course of your workout plan, and every workout is unique- meaning you'll never become tired of the same old workout every week. Each session will change and increase the level of intensity or area of focus, keeping your workout efficient in its progress.

One2One emphasizes quality- the majority of Pendleton's trainers have four year degrees in Exercise Sciences or other related fields. Unlike other gyms, where you would pay different rates for trainers of different education levels or specialties- at One2One, all of the trainers are the same, flat rate. "We have created an environment where we encourage clients to work with more than one trainer to keep the workouts fresh and draw upon different areas of expertise", says Pendleton. The most important factor is that a client engages in a consistent workout, in order for them to be able to notice the changes in both their body shape and energy level.

A typical workout session occurs over the duration of an hour and includes the accompaniment of a trainer. These sessions are comprised of aerobic/cardiovascular exercise, strength training, flexibility work, and core focus- depending on the individual's goals. One2One members have complete access to some of the best facilities and equipment, such as a cardiovascular center including Cybex treadmills, cycles, arc trainers, and Precor ellipticals. Pristine locker rooms are available, along with private showers, dressing rooms, saunas, hair dryers, fluffy towels, toiletries, and day lockers.

While they are happy to provide tours and information to prospective clients, you won't find salespeople on their staff. It is up to you to decide for yourself if it is the right location for your workout needs. Prospective members can choose from BodyScapes Fitness, which is a full service upscale gym where members can come and work out on their own, or One2One BodyScapes which is a smaller private studio where clients only come by appointment. Many clients choose to train at One2One because they want the privacy of their facility and would not feel comfortable in a larger space. Either way, you can find something that caters to the way you like to workout.

One2One Bodyscapes is a unique environment that is aiming to change the face of dreary workout routines one client at a time. Providing superior equipment and facilities, a motivational environment, flexibility, and personal training, this is a gym that will not only get your attention, but it will strive to keep it.

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