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Open Doors Yoga Studios Helps Members Open the Door to Their Peace of Mind

The practice of yoga has been continually active for hundreds of years, but has seen a recent uprising as modern day society strives to live better, healthier lives. Yoga, as a practice, has numerous health benefits, adding reasoning to the sudden spike in popularity and ensuring the continued attraction.

When practicing yoga, it is important to do so in a warm, welcoming, relaxing environment. One in which you feel comfortable in, safe. Yoga requires focus, relaxation, and letting go of stress, so it is important to find a studio in which feel all of the above. Open Doors Yoga Studios, located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, is working hard to provide their guests with just that: a safe, warm, open place for them to practice their art.

"We live up to our name, Open Doors," states Meg Murphy Garfield, franchise owner of the Plymouth location. "It is inviting and welcoming!" Garfield states that practicing yoga on a regular basis can provide the body with the strength and flexibility it needs. This, in turn, helps to balance internal functionality of body and spirituality. "This combination will give the yoga student peace and strength of mind, body and soul," she says. "This may give you a feeling of calm in your everyday life."

According to Open Doors, practicing yoga is great for eliminating aches and pains, diminishing chronic health problems, getting in shape, building muscle, losing weight, breaking old patterns and healing emotional wounds.

The studio wants you to succeed in your journey- whether you are searching for physical fitness, emotional wellbeing, or a combination of both. To do so, they ensure you have everything you need to accomplish your set goals. Mat rentals are available for only a $1. Other assorted items are for sale within the studio as well. Each class runs for approximately 60-90 minutes and can be a combination of gentle or intense workouts aimed at improving flexibility, strength, and peace of mind. Regardless of age, athleticism, build, or skill level, there is a class that will fit your needs and work for you.

Open Doors Yoga Studios understands that for those new to the practice, making that first step can be hard. "What I have learned is that we come up with all kinds of excuses but the real reason is the unknown, which is really fear," Garfield says. "The first step is to open the door!"

For this reason, the company offers a new student special, available online only. If you've never attended a class or event at an Open Doors studio, you are qualified to get your first five classes for only $25. This yoga pass is valid for any class level.

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