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Organizations Uplifting the Medford Community: Featuring CACHE Medford, Inc. and Kitty Connection

By Kristen Bosse

As the responsibilities of our jobs and other commitments consume our daily lives, it is easy to forget about the importance of supporting our community. Individuals may choose to do something little, like donating to a local charity, or volunteering at a shelter. However, there are larger organizations that are really making a difference in the town of Medford. The Coalition for Arts, Culture, and a Healthy Economy (CACHE in Medford) is a non-profit organization that continues to make art programs accessible for children, adults, and whoever else seeks involvement. Kitty Connection, another organization continuously giving back, is dedicated to rescuing homeless, abandoned, abused or unwanted cats and dogs from the area and placing them in loving homes. Both of these organizations strive to communicate that each person, animal, restaurant, local business, etc. is to be treasured and supported in order to fully sustain their community.

CACHE Medford, Inc.

Originally founded in 2010, CACHE was formed as a way to bring the diverse cultural organizations of Medford together to discuss the state of the arts in Medford, share experiences, and network. The group is actually an umbrella organization that brings together over 20 Medford cultural organizations and programs to collectively advocate for the arts, and work with local businesses to produce free community-wide events promoting Medford's rich cultural landscape. Nowadays, CACHE and its twenty member groups are behind three main events in Medford: Arts Across Medford, a month-long celebration of the arts in Medford; the Mystic River Celebration, a one-day arts festival at the Condon Shell along the banks of the Mystic River; and Circle the Square, a downtown street festival in Medford Square that takes place on the third Thursday during the summer months.

Allie Fiske, CACHE's Programs Director, tells us why she thinks their organization is such a vital addition to the community. "During the past decade, grants and private funds for the arts have been dramatically cut at all levels", Allie claims. "This decrease in funding has led to an increase in collaboration among cultural organizations in the community." Other organizations in Medford have also become aware of this issue, partnering up with CACHE in collaboration. Some of these include but are not limited to Artworks In2Shades, Medford Family Network, Medford Historical Society and Museum, and Outside the Lines Studio.

In recent years, CACHE has noticed the community becoming more and more diverse, with a continuous increase in the number of families. The children deserve to grow up in a town where art programs are made as accessible as possible, and adults and children alike should be given an outlet to express their artistic abilities and partake in cultural events. If you'd like to lend your support as well, please consider making a donation here:

Kitty Connection

Another non-profit organization doing wonderful things for the town of Medford is their very own Kitty Connection. Homeless, abandoned, abused, and unwanted dogs of the community are cared and loved for by the volunteers of this group. In their eyes, every animal, just like every human being, deserves a loving and safe home. Apart from their care services, KC also provides low cost spay/neuter programs and work to educate the public on the importance of being a responsible pet owner. Members of the community looking for the addition of a pet to their home should consider adopting one of their precious animals. Adopting one of these animals makes room for more neglected pets coming in!

Massachusetts is notoriously known as a high kill state for animals. With abandoned and neglected animals flooding into shelters each day, many officials believe that euthanasia is one of the only ways to keep this issue under control. Kitty Connection is a firm believer that euthanasia is not necessary if everyone works together.

Founder of Kitty Connection, Marie Mazzeo, commented on why their support of the Companion Animal Protection Act has always remained strong. "Small rescue groups are important because many of us do not choose to euthanize. We incorporate programs to assist the public and advocate for the animals. When you have a group of people volunteering for a cause their heart and soul is in it." The important thing to remember is that one or two organizations cannot do it by their lonesome. Residents of the community need to stand up alongside these organizations and try to galvanize as much resistance as possible. Medford has done a very good job of this so far, and will continue to treat the animals of their community as family.

Kitty Connection is an all-volunteer organization and runs solely on donations. They help not only the Medford community, but animals in surrounding communities as well (including Malden and Everett). Although their organization has done wonders for animals in the Medford area, support from the town is always needed to sustain their mission and spread awareness. Please visit this page to make a donation:, or visit their website to find out how you can help.

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