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Organizing Your Kitchen

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Kitchens can often be a disaster to behold with items spilling out of cabinets and little counter space for food preparation. Get organized and save your kitchen. Here, we'll show you some simple and inexpensive tips to "reinvent" your kitchen space. Use your creative juices to come up with additional tips just for your specific kitchen woes.

Keep It Clean

Keeping your kitchen clean is an all-important tip to keeping a kitchen organized and looking good. Keep your cleaning supplies out of sight, tightly closed to prevent spills, and properly labeled. Use multipurpose cleaners whenever possible to minimize the number of bottles you need to store away. Clean out items you rarely use from cabinets and store them away or donate them to a good cause.

Choose Appliances Wisely

Just how many countertop appliances do you really need? Give those you rarely use to friends or family that have a greater use for it or donate unused appliances to charity. Purchase any new appliances to those that are not one-use-wonders. By only keeping appliances you actually use, you can free up counter space. Those with smaller kitchens may want to store appliances in cabinets to create even more workable areas.

Stock Rotating Shelves

Rotating shelves work well for smaller items, such as cooking spices or herbs. Whether on the counter or in a cabinet, this shelve (often in two or three levels) rotates completely around so you can easily see and grab what you need, saving both space and time.

Try Tiered Racks

Tiered racks have one-to-two levels so more items can be stores in a given space. Some work well on counters for often-used items--hand soap, cooking oils, scrubbers. Others are larger and fit inside cabinets to create additional shelving. Corner racks are also multitiered, but are specifically made to make the most of unused corner cabinet space.

Use Utensil Tray

Neatly organize your eating utensils in a drawer using a utensil tray. They come in different sizes. Never search for the right fork or spoon again, as each utensil will be neatly compartmentalized.

Get A Crock

Get a large open crock or other container to set on the counter to hold large cooking utensils, such as spatulas, stirrers, mashers or tongs, to keep them from being a jumbled mess in the drawer, yet easy to grab when needed.

Hang Pot Holders

Leaving pot holders on the counter near the stove is not only unsafe, but causes clutter. Hang up all pot holders so they are in easy reach of the stove/oven without leaning over it and are not too low and close to the flame. Dish towels should also be hung up. Install dish hangers on the back of a cabinet door.

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