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Peer Inside a Design Empire on the New England Coast

When CEO Blair Hamaty first launched Setting the Space in 2006, he couldn't have known he was opening the doors to an interior design empire. But, shortly following the opening, that's exactly what he did. Hamaty's hard work and effort paid off, and Setting the Space now employs an entire team of top designers and spans over six retail locations in along the South Shore, Cape Cod, and Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Of course, Hamaty didn't run out of the gate with an empire in mind. "Will Hayward, President of Setting the Space, gave us the inside info on how things happened. "We started as a home staging company and then started offering interior design services," he explains. "The natural progression was to then have retail space as well." The one retail space quickly expanded into two, and before they knew it they were operating out of six individual retail spaces along the coast. "We are the 2nd largest home staging company in North America now," Hayward excitedly states.

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of a staging company, it's not a new idea. Staging companies have been around for decades, usually working in tandem with home owners looking to sell or real estate agents trying to move a listing. "A properly staged home sells faster and for more money," Hayward tells us. Of course, Setting the Space isn't just for those looking to sell. Those who have recently purchased or are looking to update their current space could benefit from their services as well.

"Our services are extensive," explains Hayward. "Because of our retail stores our resources are almost unlimited. And we have very talented people to help a client achieve their goals."

While Setting the Space is located and operating out of the New England area, they don't restrict the range of their services. "We have worked everywhere from California to Nantucket and Canada to Mexico to France and everywhere in between," says Hayward. And they handle a whole lot more than just houses! They've tackled everything from interiors of homes, condos, brownstones, cottages, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, conference rooms, doctors' offices, "E" spaces (group co-op office spaces), supermarkets, wedding venues, tents, runway fashion shows, TV sets, and movie sets. "The list goes on and on and the stories are endless, funny and all true," laughs Hayward.

If you're looking to employ any of Setting the Space's services, the starting process is easy and efficient. It's painless, to say the least. "A new client would meet with Blair at the property and he would do a quick consultation and make recommendations," Hayward details. While Blair can accommodate phone consultations, Hayward says it's best if he sees the property in person. "He is upfront and honest with a potential client," he says, "Which has been the key to the success of STS and its clients."

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