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Peering Into the Creativity of a Photographer: Judith M. Daniels

By Kristen Bosse

There are a lot of theories out there about how to take really fantastic, inspired photographs. Some people think that having great gear will create great photographs every time. They purchase new, top of the line cameras, lenses, flashes, tripods, camera bags- anything that they think will give them the competitive edge in taking great photographs. In truth, however, you don't have to have the newest camera and accessories to take fantastic photos. Becoming a creative, inspired photographer is about letting go of the technical aspects and exploring the creative, art side of photography.

Judith M. Daniels

One photographer who is breaking the mold with her pictures is Judith Daniels, a long time resident of Jamaica Plain. Her story starts off in an industry that is quite different from photography: weaving. As a weaver, Judith restored oriental rugs. Although she did enjoy the creativity aspect of her job, she started searching for an alternative form of expression for after work. After running into a professional photographer on her way to an art opening, she began to talk to her about it and contemplated the various reasons this would be a good choice. She decided to try out a photography class and became hooked!

Judith has now been practicing the art of photography for over 20 years. Like any other true artist, Daniels finds inspiration in the places that may not seem interesting to the average eye. For example, her "Peeping Judy" series features photographs of windows and doors from the street, as if someone were trying to peer inside. Take a look at a couple photographs from this series below.

"I have always enjoyed walking or driving in the evening and seeing the light in the windows of people's homes", Daniels claims. "The light coming from the darkness evokes in my mind perfect scenes inside where all is well; where there is the smell of delicious food cooking, the pillows are soft and comforting, children are being hugged and held by their parents, lovers are passionate yet tender with each other. There is something about the light coming out of the darkness that is a vehicle for the imagination."

Perhaps another great mark of an artist is the ability to evoke certain feelings out of their audience with their pieces. In this way, the inspiration for the original photograph is passed on. "One reaction that I get a lot is when people say that they have seen the same thing in a place that I have photographed but have never looked at it that way or noticed it before", Daniels says. "Therefore, my work enabled them to see the place that they live in a different way."

Although Daniels still has to work a supplemental job to support her love of photography, she insists that artists must continue to practice what they love in order to feel like a complete human being. Those who have an overwhelming sense of creativity owe it to themselves to find a certain outlet and express themselves. "I think every artist should have the quality of resilience. Contrary to what people might think it isn't easy being an artist. You have to keep believing in what you do whether you have outside success or not which is never easy."

More recently, Daniels has also started to create silk and felt accessories, something with endless possibilities. Check out what these and more on her website:

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