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PennyPacker's: A Family-Owned Restaurant Bringing Seasonal Favorites to Boston

Variety is no stranger to Kevin McGuire, the owner of PennyPacker's, the Boston located multi-venue eatery. Operating a food truck, catering business, and brick and mortar restaurant, PennyPacker's is a family owned and operated restaurant that really kicks a punch, and covers all your bases.

"Our menu changes seasonally in order to use local, fresh ingredients," says McGuire. "It features freshly prepared soups, salads, and sandwiches?including our specialty, Porchetta." For those who are unfamiliar with Porchetta, according to McGuire, it is an Italian, skin on roast pork, heavily seasoned, cured and marinated in herbs and garlic. "Pennypackers serves high end sandwiches, salads and soups," McGuire continues. "We cover everything from numerous vegetarian and even vegan options that are good to the body, as well as items that are good for the soul."

Using only locally grown, fresh ingredients is an important part of the PennyPacker's concept. It is also what makes the menu so fresh and inventive. "We will only use ingredients that are in season," McGuire details. "On our upcoming summer menu, we will use lots of local fresh tomatoes." He explains that the spring menu featured ramps, while other summer menus have had sandwiches with grilled peach or watermelon on them.

"Fall gets into squashes, gourds and starts into root vegetables and winter is heavy on Kale and root vegetables." While the menu is consistently rotating to avoid any staleness, there is one thing that hasn't disappeared on us yet. "The only item that has been on our menu for five years is the porchetta," explains McGuire. "My brother decided a long time ago, that Porchetta is what he wanted to make and that was always the focus of our business."

The food truck is, according to their website, always roaming; but it is available private parties, weddings or functions, office parks, and food truck events. To book the truck in any capacity, McGuire encourages you to reach out to the restaurant and they will facilitate all your food truck needs. Catering is also available for inside events which cannot accommodate a truck. "Nothing is too big or small, and nothing is too simple or too sophisticated," McGuire affirms. "All menus are customized to meet both personal taste and dietary needs, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options."

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