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Planning for Your Backyard Barbeque

Barbequing in your backyard can be a whole lot of fun. Your family comes by and brings young ones, co-workers bring snacks to create a collegial environment, and friends bring good times and fun. Barbequing can also be an expensive, logistically complex affair with a variety of costs and investments. There are 3 parts of backyard barbeque planning: planning for the guests, the food, and the space. First up is planning for guests, keep reading and get your grill on!

Fail to plan or plan to fail. Cliches aside, it's important to know what you're trying to do, how many guests you can expect, which types of guests you'll have, what type of foods you'll be serving and other relevant details. The first piece to plan is the guest list.

Planning for the Guests

Many of the following considerations will be based on what you know of your guest list. If you're going to have 20 people of varying ages over, you'll have to plan differently than if you are expecting 30 guests from work who're bringing alcohol. Determining what kinds of guests you're inviting, whom they may bring with them, what they'll come with and what type of event you want it to be are the necessary steps for planning for the guests. The next step is planning for the food.

Planning the Food

The food is the draw of your barbeque. People are attending for the good times and camaraderie but the food brings it all together; it's the focal point. If you're serving meats that require smoking or other forms of slow cooking, you need to know how long the cooking is going to take. You also need to know how many guests you can reasonably expect to show up so that you have enough food for everyone. Depending on the guests you could potentially be expecting, it's worth finding out if people have food allergies that may affect the foods you're serving or if you need vegetarian or vegan options. If you're going to be serving snacks or drinks, it's important to know how much you need of each and whether you need to ask guests to bring their own drinks or snacks. You must also keep in mind your supply requirements, that you'll need napkins, plates, cups, utensils for your guests and yourself. Now that the food and related concerns is all set, the next piece to plan is the space.

Planning to Use the Space

The space is crucial, its where you and your guests will be meeting and eating. Planning for how to accommodate the guests you'll have and what you'll need to put in that space is important. Get an idea of how many tables and chairs you'll need, how much space for the grille and snack/drink table. Using a mock setup to get an idea of the spacing can be helpful and give you a chance to see what else you may need. Clearing the space of debris; branches, thatch build ups, and trash is important so that your guests are not stepping in, tripping over or otherwise impeded by random stuff in the yard.

Your backyard barbeque can be fun or it can be a nightmare to plan. Keep in mind that these are just some ideas about how to make your barbeque a success during the planning stages. Planning well will make execution much easier, so plan your barbeque and make the most of time you spend doing it. As always, do your own research when planning your backyard barbeque. Good luck and have fun!

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