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Tips for Beer Lovers and Foodies in Plymouth: Featuring The New World Tavern

Love beer? Then once you find that genie's lamp, at least one of your three wishes can easily be granted at The New World Tavern in Plymouth, Mass. If you're a foodie as well, then make that two out of three.

The New World Tavern has 38 draft lines and most of them are always rotating, which means that the beers always change as soon as a keg is empty. Owners Roman Dombrowski and Karl Heine pick another brewery and a different style to hook up, keeping the selection fresh and the customers interested in coming back and trying new breweries and styles, which also change with the season.

They serve beer in the right glassware because each style has a specific glass it should go into, similar to wine. They have around 10 different glass styles to accommodate the essence, nose and different flavor of each beer. The New World Tavern also has an extensive bottle selection, with over 100 different bottles from around the world (because some beers are just available in bottles, not in draft).

Some of the 38 taps available at The New World Tavern in Plymouth, Mass.

"We believe that we have all available styles of beers from the traditional pale ales, IPAs, to the very hip sour beers that are up and coming right now," said Dombrowski. "Fruit flavored beers, Bavarian style Hefeweizen, Belgian-style beers, triples and doubles -- we cover the whole palate."

Before opening The New World Tavern, neither Dombrowski nor Heine had any restaurant experience but beer was another story. They both worked for a local beer distributor, traveling the nation to sell and promote its products. While visiting cities like New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C., they saw craft beer venues popping up and thought it would be a great fit for Plymouth. "The selection three years ago was quite limited. We decided to quit our jobs and give this a try," said Dombrowski.

"Plymouth is one of the few places on the south shore that has a kind of city center where people can actually park the car and walk outside, go shopping or even bar hopping, explore restaurants in the harbor without being inside of a mall or any kinds of prefabricated area," said Dombrowski, who enjoys running a business with neighbors who are happy to help out if they ever need something, or run out of napkins and other supplies.

Roasted Bone Marrow and Oxtail Roulade guaranteed to satisfy any foodie.

Along with the ever-rotating taps, the tavern always have Guinness on draft. "It's such a good representation of the style, there's no need to change the draft line," said Dombrowski. Other staples are a cider and a bourbon-bell aged beer, which is brewed like a normal ale but then goes into a used bourbon whiskey barrel and matures in there for another three to six months, depending on the brewery. The beer extracts the remaining whiskey out of the wood and that gives it a little more of a bourbon character and also increases the alcohol content of the beer.

Being located in Plymouth, they always have something from the local Mayflower Brewing Company on draft too, along with domestic beers like Bud, Bud Light, Coors and Miller available in the bottle. "So if you come with your friends and somebody is very stern in their opinion that they only drink Budweiser and nothing else in this world, you can bring them. We have it for them," said Dombrowski.

Those more daring or beer curious are encouraged to join New World's beer club. Patrons can ask for a free club card that will be marked for each of the tavern's 138 draft and bottle beers they drink on premise. "Knowing that humans are creatures of habit, they probably will not try all these beers and styles even if they're available. By entering the beer club, we gently nudge you to try all these beers," said Dombrowski.

Beer club members who try all 138 beers receive a plaque that is displayed on the wall at The New World Tavern.

After completing the beer card, you're an official member of the beer club. Members receive a plaque on the tavern wall alongside about 50 others earned since New World opened, a club member t-shirt and, in Dombrowski's words, "probably a high-five every time you walk in here." (You can find out more about the beer club

As much attention that the beer at The New World Tavern gets, the food is equally noteworthy. The menu includes typical tavern fare such as burgers and pizzas, as well as shareable plates, vegetarian choices, Asian-inspired items, and a build-your-own charcuterie and artisan cheese board. All desserts are made in-house and are gluten free, which Dombrowski says, "you would never know by eating them." "We're surprised how far away people come for the beer, but also the food," said Dombrowski. The tavern's Chef Johnny also participates in a bimonthly chef's table with other local chefs who show off their culinary chops, creating a 6- to 10-course meal that's served at their respective venues on a rotating basis.

For entertainment, the tavern has trivia night, award-winning blues artist Mark T. Small on Thursdays and a variety of live music on stage in the back room on the weekends. Starting in 2015, it will host an Irish session with authentic Irish music on Sundays.

The New World Tavern
56 Main Street
Plymouth, MA 02360

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