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Preparing Your Home for a New Baby

Babies are fun and cute and little and loud and have no sense of direction or much fear of danger. They want what they want, want to go where they want to go and don't have the awareness of the logistical and safety issues involved. Obviously. So what do we do? We create an environment in which they, to a significant degree, are unable to hurt themselves on anything in the household. We 'baby proof'. Babies also need lots of care, attention and several sets of supplies as well, making preparing for a baby not just a safety concern but a logistical one. Let's get to it!

Baby Room Essentials

Baby rooms need a variety of things. For the baby to be safe you need a crib which is going to keep her safely inside without having to worry about her hurting herself on locking mechanisms, splinters or her falling out. You need a changing table so that you can clean up baby's messes in a safe and clean space and without making a mess of tables which need to be used for other things. You'll need some sort of baby door or other safe obstruction to keep your little explorer out of trouble as she grows up and starts crawling. Usually a wooden screen door works best to keep baby in and pets or anyone else out. A baby room screen door also allows you to see into baby's room to make sure she's safe and happy. A baby monitor is another essential purchase. For those who don't know; a baby monitor is a communication device that lets parents hear what's going on in baby's room to make sure she's safe and doesn't need anything.

Baby Proofing the House

There are a variety of elements to preparing the rest of the house for the baby. One major preparation is installing child proof outlets. Outlets are low to the ground, so much so that babies could easily crawl toward on and end up hurting themselves fairly easily. Another preparation is removing plants and other decorative objectives which could harm her (many plants are poisonous) from the floor just in case she ends up crawling around. Safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairwells are crucial. These gates prevent babies from crawling down stairwells and hurting themselves or crawling up stairs and them tumbling back down and doing the same. Attaching pieces of furniture, to the wall or floor, that could be pulled down or otherwise fall over is also essential. Babies' habits of touching, tugging, chewing and otherwise physically interacting with, well, pretty much everything ensures that they'll likely interact with a great many things as they crawl around that could end up falling on top of them and injuring them so nail everything down (carefully.)

These are just some of the things to consider when preparing your home for a bundle of joy, use them to prepare your home for his or her arrival. As always do your own research and use this information to get you started on getting ready for a new baby, congrats!

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