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Put a Little Magic Into Your Ice Cream At Wiches of Boston

You scream, I scream, we all scream for liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream is a unique concept, creating superior ice cream that is rich and creamy and intensely flavored, and it can be found right in Boston, Massachusetts.

Wiches of Boston is a travelling ice cream setup which can be booked for events featuring anywhere from 10 to 2,000 people. The at-your-convenience eatery creates ice cream on-site, providing the freshest, richest ice cream possible.

How, you ask?

The company utilizes cutting edge liquid nitrogen technology to freeze the ice cream right in front of the guests they are serving. As they are creating the ice cream bases on-site, they can tailor the products specifically for each event. The cool mist surrounds the trained mixologists as the liquid nitrogen is released from its tank. The handmade ice cream base freezes in mere seconds. As the ice cream flavors aren't diluted by ice crystals from sitting in a freezer, it will be the epitome in fresh, rich, flavorful ice creams.

You won't want to go back to store-bought after getting a taste of Wiches of Boston.

As the company is mobile, and isn't a standing brick and mortar, Wiches of Boston can truly cater to any event's needs.

"Since we don't have a brick and mortar store we really shop for each party individually and can take on allergies," Paula Waxman, owner of Wiches of Boston, said.

The company's ice cream bases are all gluten free and there are several amazing vegan options available, too. Everyone is catered to at Wiches of Boston.

Another great perk to the company being mobile is their speed. Unlike in a liquid nitrogen ice cream store, the company operates quickly. There is no waiting forever for your scoop to freeze. Catering liquid nitrogen ice cream and cocktails are fast and efficient.

"We make several portions at a time in under a minute and we have staff who just make ice cream and others who are there only to scoop so our lines move very quickly and easily," Waxman said. "We have catered parties for up to 2,000 guests and we can do that within two hours."

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