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Get Pumped Up and Slim Down with TNT: Featuring Totally Natural Training in Quincy

When Tracy met Charlie Hardesty she was depressed and coping with the stress of her recent divorce by eating and drinking in excess. Her former marathon-running body weighed in at almost 200 pounds and 39 percent body fat. To get back into shape, she started working out with Hardesty, a certified personal trainer who helped her lose 75 pounds - and keep it off.

They initially met three times a week at Hardesty's private training facility, Totally Natural Training, in Quincy, Mass. One of the first things he does with all clients is fitness testing to get information about their health and exercise background, and establish short- and long-term goals. Hardesty uses this info, along with his clients' current weight and body fat and physical test results, to set-up their training program.

TNT owner and personal trainer Charlie Hardesty training a client at his private studio in Quincy, Mass.

After doing the fitness testing with Tracy, he constantly changed her program to keep her body challenged. Ten months later her hard work paid off when she weighed in at 125 pounds and ran a qualifying time for the Boston marathon. Four years later, she still maintains that weight with about 13 percent body fat.

Hardesty provides the same quality of training for male and female clients of all ages at TNT in an atmosphere that a long-time client describes as "a no-nonsense, goal-oriented, fun and supportive partnership between client and trainer." He offers a private studio setting where people can work out without the crowds and intimidation factor at typical gyms.

When he started training nearly 50 years ago, Hardesty learned about weightlifting from trial and error, more experienced weightlifters, and reading and studying on his own. As he gained knowledge people began asking him questions and wanted to be his workout partner. Then the company he worked for moved out of state and Hardesty decided to make a career change, earning his certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and opening one of the first private training facilities in Quincy.

In the beginning the studio was geared toward bodybuilding and pure strength training, consisting mostly of free weights and free-weight equipment. Over the years it transitioned to newer equipment and targeting people of all ages and fitness abilities.

A look inside TNT at some of the equipment that allows Hardesty to create personal training programs with a wide variety of options.

"Most clients today want to lose weight, gain some strength and muscle, and feel better," said Hardesty. "This is now my preferred clientele. My training philosophy is very simple and has always remained the same: Work hard, be consistent, never give up and eat good, wholesome food."

Not getting adequate protein intake is one of the biggest dietary mistakes that Hardesty sees exercisers make. He gives clients nutritional guidelines to help them with this, reducing their refined carbohydrate intake and eating more fruits and vegetables. While Hardesty doesn't have diet or nutrition certifications, he does advise clients to consult a registered dietician or nutritionist if they need a personalized nutritional program.

What is one of the latest exercise trends? Hardesty, who maintains his ACE certification with continuing education that helps him stay current on new research and teaching methods, says about 30 percent of his clients are choosing shorter, high-intensity 30-minute workouts that are a great fit for a busy schedule - something the former Navy senior mechanical designer knows all too well.

Certified personal trainer Charlie Hardesty at his training facility, Totally Natural Training.

To Hardesty, the fitness-oriented town of Quincy is the perfect home for both TNT and him: "Since I work very long hours - 5:30 am till about 8 pm - my commute time of approximately five minutes is a blessing." (You can read more about Charlie and TNT

Totally Natural Training
44 Greenleaf St.
Quincy, MA

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