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Remodeling Your Basement Apartment

Basement apartments can look good, can be functional, and can make you money. However, basements are frequently some of the most neglected sections of a home, so turning your basement into an apartment or remodeling your current basement apartment is important for making the most of the potential of the space. There are several pieces of the puzzle of remodeling your basement apartment: flooring, cleaning, and installing amenities. Let's find out more!


Flooring, frequently, especially in a basement, can be a serious issue. The floors of a basement are usually cold, dirty and covered in creepy crawlies of all sorts. If someone wants to live comfortably in a basement apartment, issues with the flooring must be addressed. There are a couple of ways to handle flooring.

The first way is by adding hardwood over the cement or other type of flooring originally installed in the basement. Adding hardwood can create a clean, comfortable surface that is also visually appealing. Depending on the type, hardwood can be expensive but is also a worthwhile investment, especially if you're renting and want to advertise such a great features.

The second way to deal with flooring in a basement apartment is by installing carpeting. Carpeting can make the temperature in the basement apartment much more tolerable and can give a cozier look and feel to the space. Carpeting can be tough to clean and maintain, making it the less favorable option of the two, but it still has its benefits.


Cleaning the basement to prepare it for becoming a basement apartment is a necessary step. This step will be dependent, to a significant degree, on the basement that you're considering remodeling. Its a good idea to focus on clearing out general debris, tidying up areas where pests are demonstrated to focus, and finding alternative storage locations for things that have accumulated in the basement.

Installing Amenities

Installing amenities will make any basement apartment more livable. There are some amenities that could be useful to have in any basement apartment like mini-fridges, microwaves, televisions, and others. If you're thinking of remodeling a basement as an apartment, installing some of these features might be a good a idea.

Keep in mind that these are just some of the ways you could use remodeling to turn a basement into an apartment or improve upon an existing one. As always, do your own research and think through what you want out of the project before turning a basement into an apartment. Good luck!

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