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Rockin' Night Life in Worcester: Featuring Lucky Dog Music Hall and Beatnik's Bar & Lounge

By Kristen Bosse

If I've gleaned anything from years of drinking in bars about what makes the great ones great, it's that every detail matters: the pictures on the walls, the range of spirits offered, how customers are greeted, the volume at which music is played, etc.. And then there's that metaphysical quality that's hardest to capture and impossible to fabricate: the spirit of the place. It doesn't really matter what kind of bar we're dealing with. The location either has the "it factor", or it doesn't. So what exactly should bars/nightclubs focus on to achieve this level of success? We interviewed two very successful nightclubs in the Worcester area to get some amazing insight!

The Lucky Dog Music Hall

For over a decade, The Lucky Dog has been known as the best live music entertainment in the city. With past performers like the Rolling Stones and countless Rock Tribute Bands, this venue is always bringing its customers what they want to hear. Now in its 16th year of the best live entertainment in Worcester, they've got a little of everything from a variety of live music, many different beer selections, and events to socialize among other fun adults. Take a step away from the average, small dive bar and step into a place built for drinking, dancing, and fun!

Erick Godin, Owner of Lucky Dog Music Hall, was nice enough to share some of the great memories he has had over at his music venue over the years. One in particular stuck out, involving a Korn tribute band named "Children of the Korn" and the members of Korn themselves.
"So this night, the Korn tribute band were playing on stage and recording their "demo CD" for bookings at other clubs. The real KORN was playing at the DCU center and a friend of mine from Stain'd knew that there was a Korn tribute band playing here and sent the real Korn over. There was only about 20 people here, but they all took out their phones and got about another hundred more people here within minutes of Korn members walking in the door. They even got up on stage with the tribute band and played two songs. Of course we were recording the whole thing in the basement too. A very cool souvenir for the tribute band and the club."

Of course great, live music is nothing without a cold drink to help wash it down. Try one of their fifty different bottled beer selections, or one of their eighteen different draft beers. Their drinks range from the normal bar fare to the "crafty" higher end beers for the folks that want something special. There are also tons of liquor mixers to create any alcoholic drink under the sun. Sip on an Old Fashion or a Whiskey Sour, all while sitting next to the city's very best sound system. When all you do at your club is live music, you want to make sure you do it 100% to your best ability. Godin and his staff take pride in providing their customers the very best.

Beatnik's Bar & Lounge

If you're looking for a more intimate setting to enjoy drinks, live music, and some great bar eats, take a drive down the road to Beatnik's! Although they classify themselves first and foremost as a bar and kitchen, their love of live music has led them to book great performers for their customers to enjoy. Events such as Movie Night and trivia are also known to bring a large crowd to the bar. The Owner and the staff strive to provide a local bar experience with event options everyone can enjoy. With their slogan being "Be You", Beatnik's truly welcomes all types of people and music, and encourages them to learn about other's likes as well.

Most regulars who visit Beatnik's would describe it as a comfy neighborhood bar and grill offering great food at reasonable prices. With specials like a crock of mini meatballs, hummus platter, and homemade jumbo pretzels, customers are able to enjoy truly delicious food while they sample their extensive beer and wine selection. Dave Gerry, Owner of Beatnik's, has always believed that his bar and lounge gives visitors the total package. "No other spot in Worcester offers so much under one roof. You can come in at 5PM, meet up with friends, have a few drinks, get some dinner or just a few apps, play a game of darts, and then hang out for a live show- all in an intimate, comfortable atmosphere. We have a great location, private patio out back, plenty of parking and a non-scene, safe environment."

In just the short eight months Gerry has been the Owner of Beatnik's, he has already held a number of events. They have hosted charity events for organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and The Worcester Food Bank. A Halloween party was also hosted last October with great drinks, great costumes, and a DJ that people are still talking about! On February 8th, they will also be hosting an event for the South Worcester Neighborhood Association. Be sure to keep an eye out for their Saint Patrick's Day event on March 8th. Should be a good one!

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