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Science Bob Builds a Lifelong Foundation for Kids to Love Science

Affectionately known as Science Bob, Bob Pflugfelder has built his life and career on the foundation that all children deserve the opportunity to experiment with science. The teacher, author, presenter and Watertown, MA resident aims to keep kids asking, "Why?" He calls this the driving force of every great discovery and to keep making great discoveries in science, children need to be inspired by science.

"All children are born scientists. They open cabinets, splash in puddles, roll over rocks to see what they can find," Pflugfelder says. "The real challenge as parents is to allow children to explore safely and freely so they never lose that desire to learn and explore."

Science Bob on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

His website is a content hub of science. The interactive website features science experiments, science fair ideas, Q&As, help with research, Pflugfelder's blog and even a store selling all the essentials a kid would need to safely conduct their own science project from home. Kids can watch videos, including putting 2,000 ping pong balls in an area of zero gravity, creating a liquid nitrogen cloud and making green slime.

"I designed my website to provide resources and ideas for children to explore science more formally," Pflugfelder says. "Along with some fun and easy demonstrations, I hope to encourage visitors to devise their own experiments or take them further. True science goes beyond a simple demonstration, yet when people see interesting chemical reactions, or a fun physics challenge, they are connecting a positive experience to the world of science."

Science Bob on Live With Kelly & Michael

One way that Pflugfelder encourages kids to explore science is by encouraging young actors to play with science. Pflugfelder has been seen frequently on national television shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Live With Kelly & Michael, and The Dr. Oz Show, as well as some of Nickelodeon's shows including "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn".

"Ultimately, I hope they'll want to learn and discover on their own, and realize that science is all around them," Pflugfelder says. "When I go on talk shows, I usually get the opportunity to see the show's host as they may have been when they were ten years old ? at some point they will have the expression of wonder usually reserved for children. That's when I know I have found success."

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