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Setting Up an Internet Connected TV

The internet is here! Ok, admittedly, it's been here for a while. At this point, however, the internet is used for quite a large variety of purposes. One of the major uses of the internet is entertainment.

People read, watch programs and movies, play games, and engage in a variety of other entertainment related activities on the internet. The internet has also expanded beyond computers to a variety of devices like phones, video game consoles, tablets, and televisions.

Modern televisions connect to the internet to let you browse the web, watch web based content, and use other functions related to the internet. Much of this connectivity is directly related to your level of technological literacy. So, to help you develop that technological literacy, it's worth discussing how to set up your internet connected TV.

Wired Connectivity

One of the ways that you can set up your internet capable TV is through an Ethernet wire. Take an Ethernet cable connected to the LAN port of your router and plug it into a port on the back of your television. The cables are frequently blue and look like bigger versions of telephone wires. Plug your Ethernet wire into port on the television and use the remote to access the network options. Select the option that allows for wired networking and you should be all set!

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity is the more well regarded option of the two ways to connect your TV to the internet but its usually an option that takes a bit more work. The televisions that use wireless connectivity as an option are also usually more expensive. The first step in setting up a wireless connection to your TV is ensuring that your home or apartment's wireless internet is operational. Once you've established that you have wifi working successfully in your home, you should access your options menu and connect wirelessly to the internet.

Depending on your wifi's security protocols, you may be required to input a passcode or network ID key in order to use the network. Double check your wireless router if you're not exactly sure of your network's password or ask a roommate or spouse. Once you're sure of your network password, input the password and select the wireless connectivity option. If you've done it correctly, you should be good to go!

Using the internet can be fun and combining the internet and your television can make it more convenient and enjoyable. Keep in mind that these are just some tips for how to set up an internet connected television and that the application of these ideas may vary a bit based on the model of TV you own. Enjoy your internet connected TV and browsing while enjoying your favorite shows! Good luck and have fun!

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