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Setting Up Your Coffee Table

Magazines for the Win

Magazines on a coffee table can say a lot. The reading selection of your coffee table might can say "I like art and have refined tastes" or "I enjoy the occasional use of a firearm!" What your magazines say can dictate how you're perceived by the guests you have and if that's important to you, the ideas in this article can help you improve the way you're perceived.

The first category to cover when discussing coffee table reading material is magazines. Magazines are large and loud and more visually stimulating than many other forms of reading. Magazines with cool, colorful, interesting covers can add some flair to your coffee table. Art magazines, in particular, can make your coffee table look its best and can even make you look like you're cultured or something! Video game magazines also tend to have visually stimulating covers but do less for making you look cultured.

Deeper is Better

Books that make you look deep are good coffee table fodder. The canon tends to work pretty well for making people think you're a deep thinker. Throw a bit of diversity into your deep literature, maybe a copy of "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" or something a bit more off the beaten path, and you'll be golden.

Also, if you actually have a niche interest, it might be worth having some literature related to that interest; something that demonstrates which issues you can speak intelligently to and things that can become conversation pieces for you.

Beat the Spread

How you place your coffee table reading material can be as important as what you're placing. Find a cool basket or container to place your magazines and reading material inside of. Wicker baskets and wooden open boxes can be good options depending on the material your coffee table is made of. If you don't have containers available, another option is to spread your reading materials so that you're displaying the full range of your literary interests. A fan pattern, especially for magazines, can look pretty striking when done well.

Keep in mind that these are just some ideas for coffee table reading materials. What you put on your coffee table will vary based on your style, your table, and your literary interests. Good luck and have fun choosing what to use to impress guests at your coffee table.

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