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Shawn's Studio Has A Complete Approach to Fitness

Shawn Giles has been working in the Pilates and fitness industry for over two decades. Wanting to draw on his experience in a way that would benefit others, Giles launched Shawn's Studio in Watertown, Massachusetts.

At Shawn's Studio, you're not getting some run of the mill, cookie cutter training. No, quite the contrary. Each and every instructor at the Studio is fully trained and capable of modifying techniques to suit the individual client.

"Personalizing Pilates and fitness has always been our motto, well before it became a business trend," Giles said.

Shawn's Studio is open to anyone looking to attain their goals. The Studio offers an atmosphere which encourages support, trust, and partnership, making sure everyone achieves the goals they set for themselves. Whether you are looking to reach peak performance or just wanting to feel better about yourself, the friendly, experienced staff of Shawn's Studio is there to lend a helping hand.

"Whether it's strengthening your back, losing weight, managing an auto-immune disorder, or getting a better golf swing or night's sleep," Giles said. "Shawn's Studio teachers make it easier by giving expert advice and a healthy dose of encouragement."

With its own unique approach to Pilates, clients can find a bridge between the classic form of the practice and the modern take that has been gaining popularity in recent years.

"By listening and connecting with our clients we are able to discover what motivates someone to create change. We help clients identify what is standing between them and their weight loss goals," Giles said.

By learning to create a habit of wellness, which in turns means committing to a regular workout practice, clients are able to lose weight and reach other fitness goals, as well. In addition to exercise, the Studio houses talented bodyworkers in both massage therapy and energy work. When it comes to fitness, clients are able to get a complete approach at Shawn's Studio.

"We invite anyone who wants to be in better shape whether it's physical, mental, or spiritual, to try Pilates at Shawn's Studio," Giles said.

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