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Spartan Training Center Focuses On You Each And Every Time

A pioneer in the personal training industry, Spartan Training Center in Quincy, Massachusetts has been helping clients attain their fitness goals since 2003. The 2,000-square-foot facility has seen thousands of clients reach new goals within its walls, rivaling the quality of personal training you receive at a large-scale, corporate gym.

"The equipment rivals any gym in the area," Timothy Dutcher, Owner and Director of Program Design at Spartan Training Center, said. "And those gyms are designed for thousands of members."

Where Spartan differs from the run of the mill, cookie cutter gym is in how it handles its clients. Instead of a facility teeming with clients, all seeking a moment of time from the on-staff personal trainers, Spartan sets aside time with trainers allowing for a personalized, one-on-one training session each and every time.

Sessions are available in either a half-hour or one-hour block and are conducted in a private setting with a specific trainer. Each training plan is tailored exclusively to each client, so everyone gets exactly what they need out of the allotted time.

"Programs vary based on clients needs," Dutcher said. "At the Center, we service clients ranging from teenagers looking to excel in sports to the elderly wishing to create muscle mass and maintain mobility."

To create a program, the client's physical abilities, injuries, time allotment, and present state of health are assessed by an experienced trainer. While the facility does not specialize in physical therapy or diagnosis of conditions, they are willing and able to work in tandem with your doctor or physical therapist to create a program plan for clients recuperating from an injury.

Although each program is tailored expressly to the client, there are some popular traits within the workout plans Spartan sees favored. Their most focused on aspect of their programs seems to be weight loss and general condition in the adult level. To help their clients achieve their weight loss goals, the facility and its trainers concentrate on three main components of weight loss: physically challenging and tailored programs, cardiovascular work on opposing days, and nutritional counseling and customized food plans.

"In my 21 years as a full time personal trainer, clients that applied all three components fully have been 100% successful in losing weight," Dutcher said. "I enjoy watching a new client walk through the doors and watching these people transform both physically and many times emotionally. I know I made a positive change in their lives which makes me feel positive about my career."

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