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Spindler Confections Offers Traditional Confectionary at its Best to Greater Boston Chocolate Addicts

Jeremy Spindler always loved tinkering with confectionary.

So much so that, in 2012, he began to sell his hobby items at several local farmers' markets and special events around town. It didn't take long before Spindler found himself selling his products wholesale to other businesses in the Cambridge area. Shortly after, he added online sales and special orders/party favors to his list of services offered by Spindler Confections.

Three years passed and Spindler Confections had outgrown the at-home kitchen in which it had started. It was time to find a larger space in order to keep the business flourishing.

In the winter of 2015, Spindler found his business the perfect home: its current location on Mass Ave in North Cambridge.

Spindler's unique business is a step back into the olden days, when confectionaries were still lining the streets and friendly service was exactly what you would expect. Using only traditional methods, Spindler's treats aren't crafted with any form of high-fructose syrups or artificial flavors or colorings which gives them a distinctive flavor.

"There aren't many candy shops left in Boston that actually produce their own sweets," details Spindler. "I can name a small handful, and most of them are quite good; but the fact that we make our products here at the shop, as opposed to a warehouse or off-site facility, is a big distinction." The small staff kept onboard at Spindler Confections also guarantees you'll see a friendly, perhaps even familiar face each and every time you walk through the door.

Spindler has tried to keep that traditional small-town business feel. Living within walking distance of the shop, he has a real connection to the community in which he operates. In addition to the 'throw-back' atmosphere, there is a Candy Museum dedicated to the Boston area confectioneries of yesteryear, just to add a little head nod to the beginnings of the industry.

If you're looking to give Spindler Confections a try, but you're a bit overwhelmed with where to start, don't fret. We asked the confectioner himself for suggestions. Who knows better, right?

"For the newcomer to the shop I'd recommend Salted Maple Caramels, or some good old-fashioned Peanut Brittle," Spindler announces. He also mentions that the Brittle is available in cashew, almond, maple pecan, and cinnamon walnut, too, just in case Peanut isn't your go-to. "If chocolate is your thing, I'd recommend Cherry Cordials (these are different than what you are probably thinking of), and caramel nut clusters."

If you find you still can't decide, there's an even better option: assortments! As Spindler will tell you, most of the chocolates are available by the piece, so you can create your own assortment catered to your very own tastes.

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