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The Basics of Living with Pets: Dogs

Pets require considerable care and maintenance. Much of the responsibility of owning pets involves taking care of them but acclimating them to your home environment is also significant.

Dogs are man's best friend, most of the time. Dogs can do a lot for their owners: they provide security, are fun to play with, and are always happy to see you. Dogs also require considerable care to keep them healthy, happy, and to avoid them damaging your stuff. There are two major elements to living successfully with dogs: training and care.


Training a dog is crucially important. Larger, stronger dogs can be dangerous if they're poorly trained or not trained at all. More likely though, poorly trained dogs are going to produce living spaces with invaded food containers, torn up furniture, and stinky brown surprises everywhere.

If you have the time, energy, and some experience, you can train your dog pretty well. However, frequently people end up with poorly trained dogs whom they've come to love so much that they overlook said lack of training. It pays to get your dog trained by a professional, early. If they're trained from your earliest contact with them, dogs can be easy to handle and are less likely to cause you problems.

Another significant factor worth considering is the breed of the dog. Some dog breeds are larger, stronger, more aggressive, or more difficult to handle than others. If you choose a breed that reflects your levels of skill and experience training dogs, you're much more likely to see success. Beginners should research the breed of their prospective pup to make sure that they're taking on a challenge they can handle.


Caring for dogs has multiple layers. The basics of dog care involve regularly scheduled feedings, walking, and visits to a veterinarian. On the deeper levels of dog care there are considerations like teething toys for puppies, regular fur treatments, and anti-flea and tick measures depending on the breed and age of your dog.

How you feed your dog depends on factors like your dog's age, breed, size and their health concerns. There are as many types of foods as there types of dogs. Some foods focus on dog's internal health, some are designed to promote growth among puppies, and some clean dog's mouths as they eat the food. The types of food that are right for your dog will vary but it's worth researching types of dog foods and even consulting a veterinarian.

All dogs face possible health threats from within and without. Take your dog to a vet early to find out how to keep him healthy and do basic checks for health related issues. Keep up with your check ups and maintain your dog's health.

The two most important parts of living with dogs is caring for them and training them. Use these tips and ideas to keep your dog healthy and happy. As always, do your own research and talk to your vet about how best to live with your dog. Good luck and take care of your pup!

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