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The Basics of Setting Up a Home Office

Work can really become tedious. You get tired of seeing the same people and doing the same things in the same places. Some lucky few, however have the opportunity to work from home. Either because these folks have jobs that allow them to work remotely, or because they have side jobs or other pursuits that they can work on from home, these people have a reason to get work done while they're in their homes or apartments.

Home offices, however, are subject to many of the same principles that work spaces are beholden to. Setting them up in a particular way can help avoid seeing your work from home fall into the same traps that ensnare productivity at the office. Let's find out how!

Too Hot, Too Cold, Just Right

Work areas need to be comfortable to the people working there or else productivity dips. When choosing a room to set up a home office in, you need to look for a couple of different parameters. Does the room routinely have a level, comfortable temperature? Does the room have a position in the home that allows it to be free from blinding sunlight, loud lawnmowers or other common distractions? All of these questions need to be answered affirmatively if a home office location is going to be a good fit.

Distractions and Contraptions

Your work area needs to be free from stuff that you like. No, seriously. When you're setting up your home office, you need to be ruthlessly focused. What things are going to facilitate your work? What pieces of furniture, which paintings, which physical parts of your life inspire you to higher heights? These questions need to be answered and should be the basis for what you put inside your home office. Your favorite super soft chair that lulls you to sleep, or your 200 inch flat screen TV, shouldn't make the cut.


Now that you've chosen a location and the tools you'll be using, its time to set things up. If you're focused and serious, this should be a one day job, unless you are part of some obscure or heavy duty work. Make sure that when you install your furniture and whatever you use for work, that you keep in mind who will be inhabiting the office and who might visit. It might be worth installing a lock as well to keep out kids or animals that might find their way in and mess up work related projects or objects.

Keep in mind that these are just some ideas for creating a home office. As always, do your own research when considering creating an office in your home. Good luck and get to working!

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