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The Facts About Your Moving Estimate: An Interview with Robert Ferrick of Ferrick Bros. Moving Company

By Robert Ferrick

Tell us a little bit about your company and the services you offer.

Ferrick Bros Moving Company LLC (FBMC) is a company located in Haverhill, MA and the bulk of or business is local moves that are completed in one or two days. We offer packing and moving services, no job is too big or too small. I have learned over the years that moving companies shy away from the small jobs hoping a bigger job will come along. The small jobs we do today turn in to bigger jobs down the line as families grow.

Is there something important that people should know about getting an estimate from a moving company?

Getting an onsite estimate is your best bet, if a company is not willing to go out to your house than they do not deserve the job.

How do you calculate an estimate and what the cost to move a household will be?

Most jobs are simple hourly jobs, so the better you're prepared, the more cost effective the move will be. On bigger jobs and out-of-state moves, the calculations are more involved.

Are there any extra charges could possibly raise or lower an estimate?

Yes there are! Some examples are fuel surcharges, travel time, etc. are all things that can raise the estimated cost. These should all be disclosed in the booking process. Some companies have minimum charges that apply, but if your job is estimated at 10 hours and it take 7 hours than you should only be charged the 7 hour price unless it's clearly stated that a minimum charge applies.

After people receive an estimate, what questions should they ask the moving company to make sure that everything is included?

If it is not clear on the estimate on fuel charges, travel time, or any other misc charges make sure you clear that up ahead of time. Always make sure the moving company have the following insurance coverage:
1) Workers Comp
2) Liability Coverage
3) An auto policy on their trucks as well as rented trucks
4) Cargo/Inland Marine policy
*Another good one are the people working employees or contracted temp help.

What advice do you have for a homeowner who has a limited budget but doesn't necessarily want to go with the company who provided the lowest estimate?

The company with the lowest estimate is not always the cheapest way to go. In the moving there will always be the lowball bidder who will charge you more at the end of the job. Go with your gut feeling and research all companies online and look for independent reviews, Yelp, and Angie's list are good online resources for online reviews. If you get one price for $500.00 and another price for $2500.00 for the same job you know one of these two companies is not and honorable company. In my opinion on a $1000.00 job you should be getting quotes from $800.00 to $1200.00. Back to the $500.00 bid and the $2500.00 bid if the third bid comes in at $2350.00, then it should be obvious who the crook is.

What's the best way for people to contact you and your company?

Email is the best way and then put in a phone call. We are a very small company with very little office help so it takes me more time to get back to a client than it takes the big van lines to get back to you. I think it's fair to give a moving company 24 hours to get back to a client, if you needs are urgent than state that on the voice mail and your message will get in the right hands.

**Best advice: In my opinion it is best to contact a moving way ahead of your move perhaps before a moving date has been established. There is a lot of money saving advice a good moving company can give you to make sure you have a smooth and cost effective move. Too many times we get called after the P&S has been signed and many of you moving disappear because of the language in the P&S.

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