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Bringing History to Life at Plymouth's Jenney Museum

Built in 1749, the building currently housing the Jenney Museum has been standing tall and proud, showing its heritage and history to all who happen by. The building, once belonging to Pilgrim John Jenney, now houses three exhibit rooms, a gift shop, and several offices and has recently become home to one of the most popular attractions and tour sites in Plymouth, according to

Located in the heart of the Historic District, the property of the Jenney Museum backs right up to Town Brook and a fish ladder that River Herring migrate up each spring to lay eggs. While some parts of the building had to be renovated due to water damage, it still maintains the warmth, charm, and ambiance of the era in which it was first built in. "There are two exhibits in the upper level," states Leo Martin, Director of Education for the Jenney Museum, The Pursuit of Happiness, which tells the visitor the reasons why the Pilgrims left England and what they were seeking when they left and The Story of the Cranberry Harvest, which tells the story of the cranberry industry, how it began and how the process of harvesting has evolved over the years."

The Museum's latest addition is entitled Family - Cornerstone of Society and depicts the unique aspects of family life in the time period. "We showcase the Pilgrims leaving England and going to Holland (1608) and go up to the writing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution," says Martin.

When it comes to tours, the Museum offers two options, Discover Plymouth's History, a Walking Tour, which takes you to Town Brook, Brewster Gardens, and all of the monuments along the waterfront, including Plymouth Rock. "We also highlight The Mayflower Society House, the 1749 Court House and Burial Hill among others," Martin says. and a tour of the National Monument to the Forefathers, which is the largest free-standing solid granite monument in our country and is 80 feet tall. "Six times a year we also do a special Christian Heritage Tour," details Martin. "These tours are combined with educational programming and include a visit to the Forefathers Monument and the walk through the historic district as well as programs in the Museum."

For those unable to or not interested in doing the walking tour but are still interested in the history, there is a program called a Talk through History. "We have a program called Conversations with a Pilgrim as well," explains Martin, "where visitors meet a Pilgrim and hear stories of their life from the perspective of a mother and grandmother and of a father and grandfather."

While perusing the Jenney Museum, before or after a walking tour, guests are also able to purchase a variety of books on the history of the Pilgrims along with other souvenir items, many of which have been hand crafted by local artisans. Homeschooling aids, DVDs, and Christmas ornaments are also available in the small gift shop located in the historic building.

Also available from the Jenney Museum are Christian Heritage Tours, Boston Tours, and is a unique teaching series directed by Leo Martin himself called The Pilgrim's God, a variety of topics in this series is presented to youth groups, homeschooling families, church groups, and Christian schools or organizations. "Call for information or to book a speaking engagement for your church or school," says Martin.

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Nathan Dixon

It would be interesting to visit such a museum. I like American history in general. I recently wrote an essay for the history class. I was using the service

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Roger Frost

Praise God for the Spiritual Heritage Tour August 18-22 2016

Looking forward to something over Thanksgiving and next summer's special event


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