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The Pride of Geek Culture Comes Through at Cambridge's Miracle of Science

If there's one thing that never goes out of style, it's geek-chic. Sure, it has its ebbs and flows, but there will always be a following, regardless of mainstream popularity. For those who are submerged in geek culture, regardless of its current standing in the trending mass of fads, Miracle of Science is the bar for you.

Miracle of Science got its start in 1991 and has remained the leader in the geek-chic style ever since. Located on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, it was among the first to utilize a truly open floor concept. Its perfect corner location allows for a wide variety of patrons, some flooding in from the University, others stumbling in from their own unique walks of life. As their website states, "The place is always packed with artists, musicians, geo physicists and computer gurus who know they don't have to go anywhere else looking for a good time."

The casual environment welcomes all those who care to enter, with its glistening lights, hand-written periodic table (which doubles as a menu), and hard, clean lines. "Miracle of Science is known for many things," states Owner, Matthew Curtis, "but is most characterized by its history of serving MIT area customers for 25 years."

Curtis goes on to tell us that his patrons are varied in age and style, with his lunch guests generally in their mid 40s and his dinner patrons in their 30s. Since opening, Miracle of Science has gone on to be named the Best Neighborhood Restaurant in Central Square, by Boston Magazine. Patrons, who seem to flock to Miracle on a weekly basis, can't seem to get enough, stating the quirky joint has the best bar food by far and that the establishment is always hopping.

Despite the sudden influx of popularity that the geek culture has been experiencing over the last decade, skyrocketing prices and corporate structure seems to have cut the small, indie joints down in size. But with 25 years already under their belt, it's clear that Miracle of Science is here to stay, recreating a place for the eccentric geeks to hang with those who share their own interests in a casual, warm environment.

With its mixed clientele, approachable staff, and appropriate décor, Miracle of Science is the closest you'll get to the cafes and bars shown on the mass TV shows and movies so loved by our society today. As Curtis says, "The energy of the bar scene is part of the dining experience at all tables."

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