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Thirst Juice Co: Add Some Thirst to Your Life

Heather Stevenson strongly believes that delicious, healthy foods are the best fuel for life's adventures. She believed it so much, in fact, that in 2014, she launched Thirst Juice- a unique company aimed at providing nutrient-packed juice options to the public. The company, founded by Stevenson and her husband, has since developed into a lifestyle, not just a shop.

Stevenson likes to teach others about the health benefits of juicing, and loves to discuss them with guests. "On the most basic level, juicing is great because it allows you to consume and absorb lots of nutrients efficiently," she tells us. "Most of us don't have the time or inclination to sit down and eat several pounds of leafy greens for breakfast. By juicing those greens, we transform them into something much more easily consumable and that our body can process more easily."

According to Stevenson, most Americans do not consume the recommended daily allowance of fruits and vegetables, let alone nutrients like fiber. "Drinking juices and smoothies is one way to fix this problem," she exclaims. "We can also add otherwise unpalatable, but extremely nutrient dense foods, like spirulina (an algae) to smoothies."

Other health benefits of joining the juicing craze include an increased intake of Vitamin A, which provides excellent immune system support, and Vitamin B, which provides support for live functions, helping to remove toxins from the body. Juices and smoothies are also packed with antioxidants, which help the body to repair itself on a cellular level.

"Our menu was created by athletes (my husband/co-founder and I are marathon/ultramarathoners)," explains Stevenson, "in part, because we have loved and relied on juices and smoothies throughout our own amateur athletic careers." She details that sports can stress the body in ways that can lead it to become overly acidic. "Many ingredients commonly found in juice including leafy greens, peppers and lemons are alkaline forming and can help us maintain an appropriate pH," she says.

"Smoothies are excellent post-workout recovery options, too." She tells us that it's important to replenish glycogen stores quickly after a hard workout in order to build muscle and strength. "Smoothies are ideal for this because they are easily digested," Stevenson elaborates. "More so than other popular recovery snacks, like whole fruits or protein bars, for example."

If the idea of juicing has churned your stomach, given the misconceptions about the flavor and consistency that sometimes appears in television and movies, Stevenson wants you to know that there's a flavor for everyone. "We offer a wide variety of juices, with flavor profiles that appeal to varying palates," she affirms. "The primary way we convince people that green juices can be tasty is by crafting delicious green juices! We guide new juicers through their options and help them pick an option that will be best for them."

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