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Timeless Interior Design Trends: An Interview with Elizabeth Rishel of Orion Design

By Elizabeth Rishel

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Orion Design Inc. is a residential interior design firm specializing in kitchen and bath design, space planning and interior architecture. In the end you can find our work throughout the home. Good design drives Orion Design and knowing that the inspiration for any design starts with the homeowner or client.

What are some of the services your company provides?

Design consultation, space planning, full kitchen and bath design, interior architecture, etc. Full service residential design firm. Providing professional documentation (plans and contract documents) for full remodeling projects.

What are some examples of designs that have "staying power"? What are some classic colors and styles that will do this?

Classic is a word to keep in mind when trying to design a space with "staying power." Stay away from trendy ides unless they are easily swapped out as trends change (such as light fixtures, wall color, and accessories). Clean lines, even on traditional designs will help with this. Colors are difficult as each season we do color forecasting that will soon impact what we can purchase in materials and finishes so keep it simple. Think pure and natural. White and wood tones for starters. Don't be afraid to bring in color just make sure it isn't utilized in the foundation of the design. Wall color is an easy way to inject some color and if you grow tired?just change it!

What are some design fads I should avoid if I want to remain trendy for years?

Don't be a copy cat! If you are seeing everyone else do it chances are it is trendy. When working with my clients I tend to look to them for inspiration not what is going on around them. What we end up with is a space that is unique to them yet pleasing to others. We also keep things simple. So many designs you see these days are over the top. We have so many crazy/amazing things we can do in design these days?the key is knowing when to stop! Over the top tends to be over in no time!

More specifically, what are some functional design elements I can add to my bathroom or kitchen?

Customized storage
Everyone is different and you may have specified storage needs. When designing a kitchen or bathroom I go through the existing space with the homeowner making sure we have a place for everything!

Counter space
So often we are concerned with getting the right appliances in the best layout but frequently I see clients forgetting about counter space. Bathrooms also need counter space. When designing a new space clients tend to think that they will function differently and the truth is we are creatures of habit. So work with it not against it!

Quality materials and low maintenance finishes
Let's face it. We aren't finding more time in our lives to maintain and clean. Investing in quality materials that will stand the test of time and finishes that will make for easy cleanup are key in today's design.

Do you believe that neutral colors are always the way to go if you want to remain timeless? What are some fun color options that will also be timeless?

Color can be timeless in fact color has been around for all time. So neutral may in fact be trendy! I think the best thing to keep in mind with color is that you/the homeowner have to love it! After that I would try to use it in ways that if you grow tired of it you can change it out easily without a large scale remodel. Keep the foundation neutral and inject color to suit your personality.

Do you agree that hardwood flooring is something that will never go out of style?

Some items will always be around. Just like blue jeans changing style and cut each season so are hardwoods. For the past few years hardwoods got so dark in their finish that you could hardly see the grain. Now we are seeing the pale finishes come back to light. So even though hardwood floors will always be around they can be trendy as well!

What is the best way to reach you or your company?

Give me a call (816-729-6288) or send me an email

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