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Tips for Creating a Workout Room

Working out can be a pain. It requires you to leave the comfort of your plush couch, head out into the elements and hop on public transportation just to waste 2 bucks to arrive at a place full of similarly tired, irritated people. As you force yourself into a spinning class with that hatefully attractive teacher whose ease on the bike makes you regret all those ring dings, you think to yourself "there has to be a better way." You're right, there is!

Training at home is a great option for fitness conscious folks for a variety of reasons. Cheap people who don't want to spend 250 dollars a month on a Crossfit gym full of pain and vomit buckets can benefit from training rooms. Busy Beckies with never ending to-do lists can benefit from the convenience of a training set up that requires a whopping 45 seconds of travel time. Agoraphobic people with no tolerance for being seen struggling by the masses of hulking gymrats can use a training room to sculpt that pale, light deprived physique to perfection. See? It works for everyone!

Setting up a home gym can be inexpensive and relatively easy if you know what to look for and do. Let's find out how to make it happen!


Unless your apartment has asphalt as as part of your floor plan, you're probably going to need to mediate the effects of weights and equipment on your beautiful hardwood setup. A great option for this is buying interlocking floor padding. Cheap, easily set up and variably sized, floor padding can make dropping weights no problem and make sit ups a lot less painful. Try them!


A great way to make your workout room effective is by taking a minimalist approach. You don't need every newfangled exercise monstrosity, most of the most important workouts utilize basic equipment like a squat rack or even just body weight. Creativity will make all of the difference but remember to aim to do more with less and you can't go wrong.

Keep in mind that these are just some ideas for how to make a workout room work for you. Best of luck and remember to have fun!

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