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Tips for Hassle Free Moving

Moving is a pain. The only way to make moving livable, aside from paying (or tricking) someone else into doing it for you is to do it efficiently. Moving efficiently is like anything else that isn't inherently enjoyable, the sooner you do it and the more you focus on getting it done, the faster its done. That principle, however, is not enough; there are logistical elements to making a move as efficient as possible. Efficiency in moving diminishes how long you're dealing with that displeasing process and how much of your stuff gets from point A to your dream castle in the clouds (or your new studio apartment.) There are three elements to moving effectively: planning, packing efficiently, transportation ideas. First up is planning the move.

Planning the Move

Planning a move seems like a no-brainer, right? And yet, many folks rush moves that are half planned and end up as nightmare fodder for renters and owners alike. Moving has three stages that all need to be planned: packing, transportation, and unpacking. Planning packing is important because of all three of the stages, packing is the most complicated. Packing should be arranged so as to separate the sections of your home or apartment in a way that reflects how much time you expect each one to take or its level of importance. Each section should be packed on its own, starting with the most time consuming, the biggest or most complicated, or the most important. Focusing your efforts on a particular section helps you see the progress you've made more easily (which can increase motivation and momentum) and keeps your work focused so that you're not wasting extra time in transit between areas of your residence.

Planning transportation is important and can be simple. If transportation is planned well, it goes smoothly, and everything works. If transportation is planned poorly, you may end up with your belongings damaged, destroyed, misplaced or stolen. Poorly planned transportation can result in you not being able to transport your belongings when you're supposed to and being forced to spend an extra night (or several) in your old place. There a million ways that poorly planned transportation can go wrong and its not worth listing them all. Suffice it to say, plan your transportation. Make sure that you've reserved your vehicles for the proper dates, double checked everything, and arranged any help from friends and family with clear expectations (and make sure to remind them repeatedly!)

Planning unpacking is probably the least important stage as you have the luxury of time when unpacking. Unpacking should be done the same way packing is, in stages and based on areas or importance. If you pack in areas, you can label the boxes or containers you use to reflect the areas of the home or apartment in which they should be unpacked, making the whole process easier and simpler. Area based unpacking can also influence your perception of the amount you've achieved and increase momentum when engaging in that tedious process.

Packing Efficiency

Packing efficiently is about using space well. Choose boxes whose dimensions and shapes work well for the area or the objects that you'll be packing. As previously mentioned, choose an area to pack, select the packing materials (bubble wrap for fragile objects, etc.), and then pack according to the resources you have and the needs of your packing process. Make sure to label boxes according to area as well so that when you're unpacking, you can be efficient with your time and your efforts.

Transportation Ideas

Transportation, as previously stated, is simple, or at least it can be. If you do decent planning and understand what you're moving, how much there is, and any other spacial or weight requirement you're facing for the move, it can be pretty easy. Use, borrow, or rent a car, van, or truck that reflects your needs, based on your knowledge of how much, and what type, of stuff you have. UHaul offers a variety of types of vehicles for you to use but you can also use your own or your friends'. If you choose to use a pickup truck make sure that you tape down or strap down the pieces or boxes you place in the back. UHaul vans and larger trucks require you to arrange the objects in their spaces in a way that avoids them sliding around, falling down or in some other way becoming broken. Much of this will depend on what type of objects you're moving and what type of vehicles you're moving them in. Keep this in mind.

These are just tips for how to make the most of your moving experience. Moving is going to be an experience that is going to be very subjective. Use these ideas to guide you in making the most of that experience. As always, do your own research when considering a move and get from point A to your dream castle safely and efficiently. Good luck!

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