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Tips for Sharing a Bathroom

Bathrooms are places where some important and sensitive occurrences are (hopefully not) seen, heard and...smelled. It's where we clean ourselves, and most people are very sensitive about the state of their bathroom, especially if they are neat folks.

Living with people who care a lot or very little about their bathrooms can be maddening. Its important to have some protocols and barriers in place so that you don't choke out your roommate for neglecting to clean the soap tray.

Bathroom Protocols

Explaining how you're going to manage sharing the space is crucial to the process of making shared bathroom life work.

Who owns which areas? Whose stuff goes where? Who gets to use what? All of these questions should be addressed well before they become issues. A stitch in time saves 9 fights or whatever. Make sure that if there's going to be a beef over something that is happens well before you're both trying to brush your teeth and he or she finds their toothbrush having fallen behind the toilet.

Figure Out Scheduling

Knowing when people are going to need the bathroom, for longer processes like showers and the like, can help mitigate bathroom confusion and strife.

Figure out times when people have free time in their schedules and how their individual bathroom needs can be accommodated. Much of the time people want similar times, or even the same time, so taking turns could be a useful way to sort out potential disputes.

If a schedule is having trouble being followed, protocols are being ignored or its just early in the process, a good idea is to have meetings once a week or biweekly to sort out details. These meetings can help refine methods, air grievances and/or hold people accountable.

Keep in mind that these are just some ideas about how to share a bathroom effectively. You'll have to to make your own adjustments based your bathroom needs. Good luck and remember to flush!

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