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Top 5 Upcoming Towns In Greater Boston

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

With over 40 towns around the Boston area, there are five that stand out from the others based on current home price history, transportation access, up-and-coming building, recreation/environment and overall livability. If you're out house hunting, check out these top five upcoming towns in Greater Boston.

  1. Watertown. The first off-the-coast Massachusetts settlement with ties to Paul Revere, who once lived here, Watertown is only 6 miles from Boston. Once functioning as the temporary government seat during the Revolutionary War, the population is over 33,000 and has both easy access to Logan Airport and commuter rail lines. Prices are more affordable than much of the Boston area averaging $408,000 for condos to $540,000 for single-family homes. Although home prices have fluctuated since 2008, there has been a recent price increase of 4.1 percent.
  2. Wakefield. Just 10 miles north of Boston, Wakefield is a well-managed community of nearly 25,000 with a high level of wages and employment and concerned citizens who care about the natural beauty of the town (including its two lakes) and the maintenance of its high-quality services and facilities. The town's home prices have widely fluctuated in the past four years, but have seen a recent spike of 8.2 percent. Home prices average $277,000 for condos and $517,000 for single-family homes.
  3. Newton. Known as the Garden City, the affluent town of Newton is located6 miles from Boston along a tiny part of the Appalachian Mountain Range and boasts numerous trees. Having a population of nearly 83,000, it has a new award-winning library and is close to public transportation. Home prices average $643,000 for condos to $1,580,000 for single-family homes. Although home prices have changed little since 2008, there has been a current increase of 9.2 percent in pricing. If you've always wanted to live in an upscale area and have the resources, now is a good time to purchase in Newton.
  4. Saugus. Saugus, population of over 25,500, still has a rural feel yet is close to some of the best restaurants in the area located along Route 1, which is a convenient north-south thoroughfare. Habitat for a variety of fish and the largest lobster fleet in Massachusetts is provided by the Saugus River which goes through town. The town will soon have a closed-in shopping mall to escape the winter cold while shopping at its many retail stores. Home prices in town recently increased 6.1 percent with condos averaging $236,000 and single-family homes averaging $377,000.
  5. Randolph. The town of over 30,000 people has pride in their two centuries of existence. Located on the south shore and close to major transportation networks, Randolph has a diversity of cultures culled from the thriving boot industry in the 1800s. Bostonians 15 miles north moved here for the town's affordability and closeness to Boston. Home values have been slowly decreasing in the past 5 years, but recent months have seen a steady rise in home prices of 9.5 percent. Condos average $145,000 and single-family homes average $282,000.
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